Top 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300 Reviews in 2019

It's true that a lot of office working people had to face several health issues with their spine and neck by sitting for the long working hours on a normal chair which always results in crippling situation.

Sitting on an uncomfortable office chair majorly impacts on your health as well as the productivity of your work. When you will be experiencing so much pain in your back and neck then how could you think of being productive to get the more success rate.

Definitely, you will end up leaving your work in the mid or had to keep yourself stressed by continuous pain in your body. Therefore, It will always be a wise decision to choose a best office chair under 300 dollars that will not only make you comfortable, but you can also think of being productive and do more work in the office.

Best Office Chairs Under $300

At this website, we always try our best to serve you the most comfortable office chairs and that's why, we have already reviewed some great office chairs under $100 and $200.

However, we all know that luxury chair comes in luxury prices and that's why our team have tested some chairs for around 36 hours in order to pick the best office chair under $300 that will make your working hours more luxurious and productive.

So let's not to waste much time and checkout them below. 😉

Best Office Chair Under $300 in 2019

While buying the ergonomic office chairs, people often does several mistakes and end up wasting their money. But when you have landed to this website then you shouldn't worry about anything.

We believe in taking care of your trust on us and will help you for sure.

We tried our best and reviewed all the below office chairs in a very detailed manner so that you can have every information about the chair you are going to purchase and make your sitting experience a lot better than before.

So are you ready?

Let's start with the very first chair. 😀

#1. HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair

best office chair under 300

Keep in mind that a luxury chair always comes with some great features and that's what you can expect from this amazing chair named as HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair. As the office chair ranges under $300, so this chair will come with 5 years of limited warranty and will have the ability to hold the body weight of up-to 450 pounds.

Yes, you read it right. This chair is so sturdy that it can easily hold the over-weighted person and you wouldn't have to worry about the support and relaxation you will get through this office chair.

This chair offers such great features which you wouldn't find in office chairs under $100 or $200. These are the high end ergonomic office chairs designed to give the extreme comfort to the person who sits on it.

With having stylish and beautiful design, the chair have breathable mesh back strongly padded with two layers of mesh cushion that will keep your back cool and comfortable so that you can easily concentrate on your work.

The lumbar support can be customized in a way that it can support the important area of the lower back perfectly. The seat of this chair is amazingly designed and padded with comfortable mesh cushion which will keep your hips relaxed even by continuously sitting for the long hours.

So many tall, heavy and large users have already reported that they have been getting immense comfort through this chair and is the best value for their money.

The adjustable armrests are so amazing that it can be adjusted in any way you want. They can be moved up, down, forwards and backwards so as to cater your arms and let them feel comfortable and free.

When relaxing on this chair, you can recline the backrest including your seat to the angle you want and make your relaxing hours more amazing. When reclining the backrest, chair seat will also tilt together the backrest to adapt your body properly.

Apart from reclining seat back, you can easily adjust the seat height of the chair through the pneumatic height adjustment lever to make your sitting comfortable while working on your office desk.

The resin base and durable wheels will make it easy for you to move anywhere in your office on any kind of the surface. It can swivel for full 360 degree which will let you reach nearby desks and complete your tasks quickly.

With having all these premium features, it's been the best ergonomic office chair under $300 and will definitely worth your money.


  • Wide and comfortable seat for large users.
  • Breathable mesh back with double layers padding.
  • Fully adjustable armrests.
  • 450 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Move up and down lumbar support for great comfort.


  • The seat has narrow width.
  • Not padded arms with narrow width.
office chairs under $300

Nowadays people often love gaming in the free time of their office in order to freshen up their mind. So they always prefer a chair which can heighten their gaming experience along with peaceful working and relaxing in the office.

If you’re one of such person then believe us, this is the best office chair under 300 dollars which can be bought directly without thinking much as the chair has built under the supervision of strict quality standards to provide the luxurious comfort to the users.

You might fall in love with the amazing design and color combination of this chair. It comes in six different color combinations from which you can choose any and has the weight capacity of more than 200 pounds. So If your body weight is around 200 pounds then believe us, you will be more than comfortable on this chair than you can expect.

The seat of this racing chair is built with breathable material that has strong mesh and covered with PU leather through which your clothes wouldn't be sopped in your sweat when you will be working continuously under pressure.

The extra high back of the chair will perfectly support your entire spine and comes with separate headrest and lumbar cushion to provide the extra added support to your head, neck and lumbar. As the headrest and lumbar cushions are separate so you can use them as per your needs and make yourself more comfortable accordingly.

The 3D straight armrests are available in the chair which can be adjusted and will be very much helpful in protecting your shoulder and wrist. However, the base of the armrests are bit smaller in length due to which it will be difficult to put your arms ( from elbow to wrist ) comfortably If your arms are bit longer in length.

When required, you can easily adjust the seat height of the chair by using the gas spring available in the chair. After getting tired by working or gaming continuously, you can recline the backrest up-to the angle of your comfort while taking the power nap.

The five-point base of the chair is built with nylon with having the wheel casters to make it easy for you to move the chair comfortably.

This chair was originally designed to improve the gaming experiences and by keeping the passionate gaming involvement in mind. But this chair is so amazing that people had started using it in their office too to make their work space better.


  • Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Separate headrest and lumbar cushion.
  • Breathable mesh seat covered with PU leather.
  • Extra high back to support your entire spine.
  • Adjustable 3D straight armrests.


  • Armrests length are bit smaller.
  • Lumbar cushion often slips down and need to adjust again.
ergonomic office chairs under 300

With having breathable ProGrid back, one-touch height adjustment and 3 way adjustable armrests padded with PU leather, it becomes the best office chair under $300 that will keep you relaxed and comfortable during the whole working day.

There were so many users who used to complain about not getting proper lower back support by sitting on their previous chair. But when they have started sitting on office star high back chair, they started experiencing excellent back support and great comfort during their office hours.

With high quality padded seat and breathable mesh back, you will be able to work for the long hours comfortably without sopping your outfits in your sweat and the built-in lumbar support will keep supporting your lower back during your working hours.

The 3 way adjustable armrests are covered with comfortable pads which can be moved up, down, back and forth in order to make your arms stay in a comfortable position. By using one touch pneumatic control, you can easily adjust the seat height to meet with the height of your table desk and make your work space more comfortable and efficient.

A tilt-tension knob is available beneath the chair which makes it easier or harder to recline the seat back. The chair also features mid pivot knee tilt adjustment that will adjust the chair seat in a way which let's your knee stay comfortably.

You can definitely expect it to last longer for few years when you have been spending around $300 on it. The extremely sturdy titanium finished base and nylon casters will allow you to move the chair easily on the floor of your office.

However, the chair seat might not suit for the people having larger waistline. With 20 inches seat width, some people might be uncomfortable on it.

Else the chair is very easy to assemble as it comes with few number of moving parts and makes it a perfect office chair under your budget of $300.


  • Sturdy metal frame and excellent design.
  • Breathable mesh back and built-in lumbar support.
  • 3 way adjustable armrests.
  • One touch height adjustment is available.
  • Gunmetal finish.


  • Having narrow seat with 20 inches of width.
  • Tall users might feel uncomfortable on it.
best office chairs below 300

With having interest in gaming, people often look for the chairs which can be perfectly suited for their office as well as gaming purposes. After considering all these things, we used to select the office chairs so that our readers can get the best value for their money and can have the great experiences while working and gaming.

E-WIN gaming executive office chair comes with extremely amazing design and sexy look which not only make you more excited for gaming but will also provide you the great comfort and support during your office hours.

To provide you immense amount of comfort and relaxation, seat and backrest of the chair are filled with high density foam and environmental PU leather. The fully adjustable high back of the chair can easily reclines from 85 to 155 degree by using the lever available on the side of the chair.

Along with it, the backrest also comes with removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion that will keep your neck and head fully supported whole day. While the lumbar cushion will make your lower back feel relaxed and comfortable even after continuous sitting of long hours.

Also the both sides of the backrest are slightly curved which will support your shoulders when taking the power nap by turning your upper body at one side. The vertically adjustable armrests will keep your arms stay in a position you want and let them stay away from any numbness or pain.

There's also a gas lift available in the chair which can be used to adjust the seat height of the chair in order to get yourself up-to the height of your table desk and make your sitting space more comfortable and desired.

The chair has the weight limit of up-to 330 pounds and can easily swivel 360 degree along with moving smoothly through the wheel casters without making any noise. The metal frame of the chair is so sturdy that makes it a great office chair under $300.


  • Steel frame of the chair is very much sturdy.
  • Extremely amazing design.
  • Integrated with high density foam and PU leather.
  • Excellent customer care service.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not for larger folks.
  • Backrest can be reclined up-to 155 degree only.
best ergonomic chairs under 300

Formula Series DOH/FD01 is the another gaming cum office chair which has been getting popular among the users because of it's ability of heighten your gaming experiences along with providing great support and comfort in the office.

The chair seat is filled with high-density cold cure foam due to which, the seat will be inflated for the extended use in order to provide you the continuous comfort even after continuously sitting or working for the long hours. As the breathable mesh material has been used in the chair, so you wouldn't have sweaty experience while working hard.

The extra high backrest will keep supporting your entire spinal area and let your neck stay comfortable when you have been stressed out from the work. The removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion will be available there to support your head and lower back when required.

This chair perfectly suits for the people weights around 200 pounds and are up-to 5'10" taller in height. People above 5'10" or 6' might not fits on it perfectly and need to struggle a lot in order to get comfortable on it.

As the seat back can be adjusted, so you can recline the backrest till the angle you are comfortable with during the power nap by using the tilt mechanism lever. While taking rest, it will keep your pelvic to neck area in vertically comfortable shape and let yourself feel relaxed.

It also features sturdy armrests which can be height adjusted accordingly in order to meet with the height of your table desk. With a simple button press, arms height can be adjusted easily and let your shoulders and wrist stay protected and relaxed. You will also have the option to adjust the seat height of the chair simply by using the height adjustment lever.

With having sturdy steel frame and five star metal bases, it becomes the most reliable office chair that will not only provide you immense support but also comes under your budget of $300. You will also be getting lifetime warranty on frame and 2 years of warranty on parts which ensures the longevity of this office cum gaming chair.


  • Highly comfortable seat.
  • Strong breathable mesh material used in the chair.
  • Higher backrest for better neck and spinal support.
  • Sturdy frame and metal bases.
  • Lifetime and 2 years of warranty on frame and parts respectively.


  • Not for people above 5'10" or 6'.
  • Quite difficult to clean the chair.
office ergonomic chairs below 300

If you are looking to buy an office chair which costs you less on your pocket as well as looks like a professionally luxury office chair then believe us, Alera Neratoli chair will be the perfect buy for your office that will provide you great comfort and will definitely stand on your expectations.

The chair seat and backrest are covered with deeply padded cushions that will keep yourself away from any pain when you will sit on it and let you lean your body comfortably on the chair without worrying about any unwanted pressure or pain anywhere on the body parts.

Overall, the chair itself designed in a way that it can provide you the first class comfort and support which people often used to find in highly expensive office chairs.

The waterfall edges of the seat will allow your lower legs to avoid pressure for better circulation and will keep them away from numbness. When you wanna take the power nap in your office then simply lean yourself back, when doing this the chair seat and backrest will start tilting itself to let you stay in a comfortable position to get the better experience while relaxing.

The high back of the chair is padded nicely in such a way that it will keep supporting your entire back and the built-in lumbar support will protect your lower back when relaxing on the chair. Apart from it, the chair has curved padded arms on which your arms will be staying in a curved shape resulting in better support for your arms.

However, the armrest height can be adjusted. They are fixed and made with sturdy frame. So you might face bit difficulties in adjusting the chair under your table desk. Instead of adjusting armrests, you can also adjust the seat height by using the height adjustment lever to meet with the table desk height and make your sitting space more comfortable.

The sturdy five star base and wheel casters will be available in the chair to easily move around the nearby things. With 5 years of limited warranty, this office chair can be worth buying under $300 or even $200 budget.


  • The chair has professional and luxury look.
  • Seat and backrest are padded with comfortable cushions.
  • Sturdy and reliable office chair.
  • Can handle body weight up-to 300 pounds.
  • Best for up-to 6' in height person.


  • Armrests can't be adjusted.
  • Lacks in assembling instructions.
chairs under 300 dollars

If still you haven't chosen an office chair then we recommend you to look at this office chair. With it's simple look and sleek design, will definitely let you feel more comfortable and relaxed by supporting your body properly. The chair comes in two different styles i.e. Black frame and Polished aluminium frame, you can choose any as per your choice.

So many users of height up-to 6'2" finds it as a perfect office chair for them when it comes to their comfort level while sitting for the long working hours or gaming for around 8-10 hours continuously as the chair has contoured sandwich mesh seat which will keep supporting your body and let you feel cool while concentrating on your work.

The breathable mesh back of the chair is designed in a way that it supports your back and lumbar region amazingly. This chair is so sturdy that it can easily hold your body weight of up-to 300 pounds without eliminating the comfort and proper support.

The HON Lota Mid Back Office Chair have multiple adjustment features in order to improve your sitting experience and make yourself feel more comfortable and better. The 3 way adjustable armrests will make your arms comfortable and relaxed. You can adjust the height of the armrests, can move them back, forth and pivot in order to find the perfect position for your arms.

With the help of seat height adjustment lever, you will have the option to adjust the seat height of the chair so that you can sit at a height where you and your legs get better support and comfort.

When tired of continuous working, people always used to take few hours of power nap so as to get some extra energy. So you can have great experience when taking the power nap on this chair, simply put the pressure on your back and recline the chair back up-to the level of your comfort and lock it through tilt lock mechanism.

The chair can easily swivel 360 degree which makes it easy for you to reach nearby things. The sturdy five star base and durable wheels will make the mobility better. Such an office chair built with high quality material definitely worth your budget of 300 dollars.


  • Breathable mesh seat and chair back.
  • 3 way adjustable armrests.
  • Sturdy and reliable office chair.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment.


  • Lack in assembling instructions.
  • Sometimes difficult to lean back.
ergonomic chairs below 300

After looking at some best office chairs under 300 dollars, here we are going to review an another multi-functional, ergonomic office chair which will have the complete ability to provide you the immense support and comfort to whole of your body.

The seat and high back of the Argomax ergonomic office chair is built with comfortable mesh material which will keep yourself away from any sweat patches by providing cool experience. When working for long hours under pressure, your clothes wouldn't get wet as the seat and high back are completely breathable.

The seat has waterfall edges due to which your lower legs will have improved blood circulation and there wouldn't be any chance of experiencing numbness in your legs.

The high back of the chair with inbuilt lumbar support will keep your lower back away from any problem or pain and will make it easier for you to spend so many hours comfortably on the chair as the chair will support healthy circulation and will conform to your body.

With adjustable headrest on the chair, your neck and head will get supported all the time and you wouldn't experience any neck pain as you can adjust them accordingly to meet with better support and comfort.

It also has fully adjustable armrests that are comfortably padded to keep your arms supported for longer time period. You will be able to adjust the armrests with width and height, can move them left, right, up and down in order to relieve your shoulder pain.

There's a 2 in 1 lever which is used to adjust the seat height as well as for locking the tilt. It can easily hold the body weight of up-to 330 pounds and will be the perfect office chair for someone who is up-to 6 foot 2 inches taller as many users have also reported the same.

And who doesn't want to take rest after working hard continuously for long hours? So for that you will have the ability to recline the seat back till 135 degree in order to make yourself relaxed in a perfect position during the power nap. The S-type backrest will definitely make your experience a lot better and relaxing.

5 star firm base built with nylon and fiber glass along with smooth rolling casters will bring the mobility feature and make it easy to move anywhere in the office with putting lesser efforts. With having all such qualities, the chair becomes incredibly best for your office.


  • Sturdy nylon backrest frame.
  • Built with soft breathable mesh.
  • Fully adjustable padded armrests.
  • 330 pounds of weight limit.
  • Best for larger person too.


  • Lumbar support can't be adjusted.
  • Assembling instructions are bit vague.
best gaming ergonomic chairs under 300 dollars

One of the best thing which I really like about the chairs manufactured by DX Racer is, these chairs built under the supervision of strict quality standards which always ensures that the users are getting ultimate support and luxurious comfort, no matter how long they have been sitting on it.

The chair has high backrest which will always keep supporting your body from pelvis to head, you will be getting proper support while working in your office. The chair also offers removable headrest cushion and lumbar support pillow due to which your neck and head will stay comfortably and your lower back will remain comfortable for longer time period.

As the headrest and lumbar cushions are removable, so If you don't feel their need then you can simply sit on the chair without using them when you are feeling comfortable without them. The edges of the high back are little curved to support your sides when you turn yourself on the chair during the power nap.

The seat pan of the chair is built with high density foam, also covered with strong breathable mesh that allows your body to sit for longer hours without having any worry of pain. On the other hand, the two sides of the chair seat are curved on which your lower thighs will be sitting resulting in amazing comfort and support to them.

And as the breathable mesh material has been used in the chair, so your thighs wouldn't be sweat and will be having cool experience during long working hours.

To support your arms and shoulders, the chair has adjustable armrests which are softly padded and can be adjusted as per your needs. It has the complete features of a best gaming chair, so you can also play video games on it and can enjoy them even for long hours too.

The chair more likely looks good for gaming purposes but due to it's ergonomic features, people love this chair in their offices too. And there's not much difference as many people have the habits of gaming in the free time when they don't work in their office.

So definitely it can also be a best gaming chair under 300 dollars. The chair can easily lift someone having the body weight more than 200 pounds and will be great for someone who is up-to 6' in height.

There's also a hydraulic lever which you can use whenever you need to increase the seat height from 45 to 47 inches and experience the desired height of sitting which suits you perfectly. With the help of tilt lock mechanism under the seat, you will have the option to lock or unlock the tilt feature.

And most amazingly, you can recline the backrest up-to 180 degree that enables you to get relaxed peacefully while taking the power naps.

The five star nylon base and dual caster wheels provide you 360 degree swiveling and let you access nearby things very easily. With lifetime warranty on frame and 24 months of warranty on parts makes it a best buy under the price of $300.


  • Very comfortable with stylish design.
  • Will provide improved power nap experience.
  • 3D adjustable armrests.
  • Strong breathable mesh and PU cover.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Didn't experience much cons in the chair, however the removable lumbar support cushion may slips down.
best office chairs under $300

No doubt that people always look for something which last long for years and space seating office chair is one of such chairs. A lot of customers have reported the longevity of this office chair and experienced the amazing support and comfort for a number of years.

This office chair is so sturdy that it can lift your body weight of up-to 330 pounds and will be the best chair for your home office even if you are a big guy. When sitting on it, it can be raised from as low as 17 inches to 23 inches high through the one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment lever.

So that you can sit on a desired height that meets comfortably with your table desk or computer desk.

The thick padded contour seat of the chair will ensure that your hips are getting supported properly and will be relaxed even after sitting for long hours.

The chair has breathable mesh back that will promote the cool environment and will keep yourself far away from unwanted sweat experiences while working under stress. Apart from it, the adjustable lumbar support will eliminate the pain from your lower back and will support you for comfortable sitting.

When your whole body is being supported then definitely your shoulders and arms will also be protected with padded adjustable armrests. You can simply put your arms on these adjustable armrests and can adjust their height according to the height of your desk so that the chair arms wouldn't stuck with the desk.

After getting tired in the office, you may definitely want to take the power nap. Right? Believe me, you will have amazing experience when taking power nap on this chair as it will be reclined up-to the level of your comfort and can be controlled through tilt control with adjustable tilt tension.

The strong gunmetal finish base and durable wheel casters let's you move in the office by keep sitting yourself on the chair and access the nearby things. If you are worrying about whether it will suit your height or not then let me tell you that someone of height up-to 6' or 6'2" will definitely enjoy sitting on this chair.

After looking all the aspects of this chair, I must say that this is one of the best office chair under 300 dollars that will totally worth your money and will spread comfort among you and your office.


  • Breathable mesh back with adjustable lumbar support.
  • One touch seat height adjustment.
  • Weight limit of 330 pounds.
  • Green guard Indoor Air Quality Certified.
  • Adjustable armrests.


  • No headrest support.
  • Armrests might be high for shorter in height person.

Last Words...

So after putting so much of efforts, we have managed to put every possible details about each of the office chair due to which you will be able to choose the best office chair under 300 dollars that will last long for years and will provide unforgettable experience to you.

We know sometime it becomes very very difficult to look at several office chairs when you don't have enough information. But when you are getting all the information at a single web page then definitely you can find the difference in them and can easily choose the chair that perfectly suits you and your needs.

We are thankful to you that you took this much of time and have looked on these office chairs that will make your working space better and productive. Also we would always love to help you by solving all your queries.

So don't forget to comment below If you are having any issues and looking to get the help from us. Surely we will respond you soon and fix your issues.

If you have chosen the best office chairs under $300 for yourself then that's really great, If not then we recommend you to look other articles at this website so find the one which you are looking for. 😉

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