113 Proven Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Being productive is been the most common issue among many of us. Right? We all know the importance of it and completing tasks regularly can give potential growth.

But we always get distracted with several things around that affects our growth a lot. No doubt that productivity is extremely important for the progress of a company.

It is also crucial for the employees to increase their skills of productivity if they are aiming for a promotion and intend to stay in the company for a long time.

This article will help you and propel you towards success. This could be helpful for both employers and employees. So let's have a look at proven ways to increase productive at your work place.


What Does Productivity Mean?

Productivity is described as the many ways by which production can become more efficient.

Mostly, the meaning of productivity is defined as a ratio of the total output to the total input during the process of production. It is the output divided by the unit over a fixed period.

This is known as the measure of productivity in labor. However, there are many different definitions of labor but for this article we will stick to this definition.

We will talk about the various ways by which the output can be increased so that the production is improved.

Productivity creates a ripple effect if the productivity of a company increases then it will contribute more to the GDP of the country which will lead to the development of the country.

113 Proven Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

increase productivity

#1. Efficiency

Make a careful observation about the way your business is running and look for ways you can bring change in the company. You should not try to maintain the status quo and be open to new ideas.

You must understand the short-term benefits and long-term benefits of new ideas and make a list for each of them. It is also important for you to have your priorities sorted. 

Think of ways by which you can help your employees structure their work in the form of long-term and short-term priorities.

Try to give every member belonging to your staff a list that has all the tasks and their deadlines arranged in a proper format. This will lead to a considerable improvement in their method of working and make them more efficient.

#2. Delegate the Workload

The process of delegation is risky but it will definitely help to increase the sense of responsibility of the staff, this will also increase their morale and their job satisfaction will also increase.

Select qualified employees who will be able to handle the work and trust them with important tasks.

Once these employees are given leadership and management skills, then their productivity will increase which will benefit your company. This will also make them into achievers.

#3. Minimize the Level of Distractions

All of us know that social media creates a major distraction for your employees which will adversely affect their productivity.

However, there is no practicality in trying to ban phones in the workplace because this will only lead to dissatisfaction amongst employees.

Instead, apply a different methodology which will keep them affixed on their work and will also provide them with few moments of relaxation.

The employees should be discouraged from turning on their mobiles whilst they are working. They should be given periodic breaks during which they can check their phones.

This will enhance their productivity while they are working on their desk.

#4. Important to Have the Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Having accurate tools and equipment will increase the level of efficiency and productivity of the employees. This will help their work faster and within the given deadline.

In this day and age, when every office uses machines to increase the output level and decrease the input level, you need to possess a machine that is in a proper working condition. This will surely increase productivity in your office. 

Equipment of the modern age that is in a superb working condition will make a positive difference to your office. This will help you save time to produce work at a higher rate.

Try to use equipment like scanners, printers and FAX machines which will help increase your productivity.

#5. Install Proper Working Conditions

A proper working environment is crucial for increasing the concentration and perseverance of the employees. The optimal temperature of the working area should be between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which in terms of celcius is 20-21 degrees.

If the environment of the office is extremely hot or cols, it will prove to be a distraction for the employees.

They will be too busy wearing a coat or try to position themselves under an electric fan or start fanning themselves.

You would not want that in your office. So, properly check the temperature settings of the air-conditioners and heaters in your office.

#6. Provide Realistic Goals to Your Employees

Your employees should be given goals which they can fulfill. Do not give them unrealistic goals as this will lead to inefficiency in your employees because they, might sacrifice their sleep and food for trying to complete the goal.

This will also affect them on a psychological level and they might become dissatisfied with their work.

Keeping your employees satisfied and extracting the needed work from them should be your primary goal. So, keep this in mind while assigning tasks and goals to them.

#7. Using Positive Incentives

This will increase the work efficiency of your employees to a great degree. Try to be an ideal employer and motivate your employees.

Provide them with incentives like a promotion or a raise in their salary, this will help in increasing the focus of their employees and they will work with increased vigor.

If an employee has worked then do not forget to congratulate the employee, so that he/she is further encouraged to work well.

Then, take this employee as an example to encourage other employees to ensure that even they try to succeed in their goals.

#8. Keep Your Employees Happy

Try to have some informal conversations with your employees and make them think that they are your family. The company needs to work as a unit if you want your company to progress.

Make your employees feel that they are wanted and desired by the company and that their work makes a difference to the company.

In the unofficial hours, crack a few jokes with them and try to maintain the level of happiness of the employees. This will lead to the overall improvement of the company.

#9. Keep a Timer in Handy

A timer is extremely important for an employee. It will help you to prepare a timetable and properly arrange your workload.

Try to estimate the difficulty level of each of the tasks given to you and allot each of them a period accordingly.

#10. Keep no Distractions Around You

If you are an employee, you should not allow yourself to be distracted by anything. Practice mental constraint on yourself.

Do not pay too much attention to your smartphone, social media accounts, emails, or anything else whilst working. Keep your complete focus on the task at hand.

#11. Listen to Music

Music is something that soothes down your nerves and helps you concentrate on your work and increase focus.

There is some kind of music that is specifically designed to improve your concentration and increase your productivity.

#12. Try to do a Job Which Makes You Happy

You must pursue something and do a job that does not feel like a job. Something for which you do not work out of compulsion but because you love working for it.

Find your true calling and work that arouses your passion.

#13. Try to Create a Priority List

It will help you, if you arrange your tasks according to the level of priority you are willing to give to each task.

And plan this list, a bit ahead of time so that you are not left with a huge burden at the end of the day.

#14. Try Grouping Similar Task Together

Some tasks can be done together, like reading, writing blog posts, and editing. So, find tasks that are similar and group them and try to complete them together.

#15. Fulfill Your Most Dreaded Task at First

The task which is dreaded probably consumes most of your energy. So, try to finish that task the first thing in the morning.

Because early in the morning you are refreshed and full of energy.

#16. Pamper Yourself After Completing Something Difficult

If you have completed the most difficult and time-consuming task among the tasks given to you then pat yourself on the back.

This self-motivation will inspire you and encourage you to work at a more efficient level. Motivation and encouragement are important for increasing productivity.

#17. Avoid Multitasking

If you try to juggle too many tasks at one go (here, I am talking about tasks that are completely different from each other like engaging in an important call and trying to read a document).

This will reduce your focus on both of the tasks and will hamper your productivity.

#18. Try to Use Apps Which Increase Your Focus

Make good use of your smartphone. App stores contain certain apps which help to properly arrange your tasks like Google Files.

So, use such apps that help to increase and not decrease your productivity.

#19. Begin Your Work

Sometimes, you spend too much time procrastinating and do not even start your work. Once you start working, you will realize that everything will start to fall into place. So, just begin your work.

#20. Search for the Hours During Which You Work the Best

They are certain hours, during which you become most productive. For some employees it is late night while for some it is early morning hours.

Find the hours during which you work most productively.

#21. Always Keep a Notebook in Handy

You must always keep a notebook or a writing pad near you. Carry a pen with you at all times, so that you can take down important notes at the precise moment.

#22. Try to Maintain a Blog

Once you start writing a blog and mentioning your different achievements, however small they may be, you will feel more motivated to work and your level of productivity will increase.

The blog will also act as a checklist and remind you of the things you can achieve, if you put your mind to it.

#23. Make a to-do-List

A to-do list is a must for every employee. It will clearly define your objectives and act as a reminder of the tasks which you will have to complete. 

#24. Manage a Calendar

Maintaining a calendar will keep you on your toes and remind you of the different deadlines of every task which you have received. This will increase your productivity.

#25. Perform Self-Introspection

Try to reflect on your productivity and achievement regularly. Ask yourself;f if you are using your time productively and fruitfully.

#26. Get Proper Sleep

You must give your body the time to rest and recuperate. You should get enough sleep as this will help enhance your productivity otherwise you will feel lazy at all times and your work performance will suffer. 

#27. Exercise

Exercising keeps the body fit and ready to work through the day. Proper exercise makes the blood flow through your brain, keeping you fit and active and energetic.

Try to do something simple like stretching or walking around the office. This will surely increase your productivity.

#28. Keep Certain Exciting Goals

Keep certain exciting and interesting goals in your life. You will feel encouraged to complete the tasks which will increase your productivity.

#29. Talk to People About Your Goals

Try to talk about your goals to different people and also know about their goals and try to see if you can incorporate those goals into your own life.

This is sure to help you increase your productivity.

#30. Hear Podcast

Podcasts are a perfect blend of humor and knowledge. The podcasts will influence you and might even motivate you. These podcasts can help increase your productivity.

#31. Try Reading With Speed

The best way to increase your productivity is to read your articles at a super-fast rate. This will help you get a ton of work done in less than no time. This is also a good way to increase your productivity.

#32. Maintain Your Focus on Activities Which Will Get You Results

Their many activities which people do that do not get the results. Like gossiping, shopping.

Doing such activities will not get you solid results and might be good for relaxation but consciously try to not do it a lot. Instead, focus on your work and try to complete your tasks.

#33. Try to Take Short Breaks

Breaks are important for efficient functioning. If you keep on working for a long period then it will lead to drudgery and you will not be able to function properly.

These breaks will help you gain more efficiency. It is sure to increase your productivity.

#34. Try to Incorporate a Sleep Schedule Which is Polyphonic

The polyphonic sleep schedule follows a pattern where your sleep is made to compress within 2-5 hours daily. In this pattern there are short hours of sleep which lasts for 20-45 minutes.

You sleep for this duration throughout the day. Thus there are more hours during which you are awake and you remain extremely alert throughout the entire day.

#35. Inculcate the Habit of Saying No

Sometimes it is important to say ‘no’ to certain tasks which are almost impossible to complete. Learn to say no politely and formally.

#36. Adopt Organizational Skills

Adopt skills which will help you to organize your work properly and efficiently. Try to arrange all similar files together so that it is easy for you to search for it.

You will not have to spend much time trying to search for that file which will indirectly reduce your efficiency.

Try to imbibe the skill of organization and this will help increase the productivity of your work.

#37. Learn From a Mentor/Expert

Try to spot someone in your skill who is skilled and efficient and gets a promotion at the drop of a hat. And try to learn from that person.

Make that person your mentor and closely follow how that person is working and try to employ those methods in your work. You will see an increase in your productivity skills.

#38.  Learn Some Shortcuts of Using Keyboard

There are some tricks to using your keyboard smartly and efficiently. This will help you save your time and also increase the efficiency of your work. This will make you more productive.

#39. Increase Your Speed of Typing

Try to increase the time you take to type something. Once you do this you will be able to do a lot of work in a very short time. Thus, this will increase your productivity.

#40. Avoid Things Which Waste Your Time

Some tasks are considered to be a time-waster. Such tasks are messaging for long hours on social media, involving in instant messaging, replying to comments on Facebook, and posting pictures on social media.

These are all known to be tasks that lead to waste time and decrease your productivity. Try to scrape these tasks from your life and that will increase your productivity.

#41. Avoid Answering Calls From Unknown Numbers

Try installing apps like Truecaller, this will help you recognize the spam numbers or numbers from call centers that disrupt your working schedules.

This app will help you block such numbers and you can work uninterruptedly. This will surely help you to concentrate and improve your productivity.

#42. Try to Avoid Trips to the Bank

Many employers allow you to choose the option of online transfer of money. If you choose this option, then you will not have to continuously go to the bank to withdraw your salary.

It will be directly deposited into your online bank account. This will save you from the harassment and daily struggles to the bank and you can save that time to concentrate more on your work. This will surely increase your productivity.

#43. Make Online Payment of Your Bills

Nowadays, all customers have the option to make the payment of their bills online. All sorts of bills, including telephone bills, gas bills, and electricity bills can be paid online. There is no need for you to physically travel to the places to pay your bills.

You can easily access the online payment options and pay your bills from the comfort of your home.

Thus, this will save you from the unnecessary wastage of time. It will enable you to concentrate more on the work at hand and complete your tasks in a dedicated and faithful manner. Thus, your productivity will increase.

#44. Practice Online Shopping

Shopping is something in which all of us engage a few moments in our life. Sometimes, shopping is essential for increasing our stock or protecting ourselves during winter by buying woolens.

Nowadays, there are many online shopping sites like Amazon and Myntra from which, you can conduct your online shopping.

Most brands like ‘Gucci’ and ‘FOREVER 21’ have their online web sites from which you can shop your desired articles and garments.

This will act as a great time-saver and help you increase your skills in productivity.

#45. Increase the Speed of Your Internet Connection

The best way to speed up your internet would be to use a broadband connection. This connection supplies the internet to your device without much interruptions or excessive loading or buffering.

This will allow you to work in an unperturbed manner and you will be able to get much more work done in a short time. Thus, your productivity will increase.

#46. Increase the Speed of Your Computer

Windows has released a new feature known as the hibernation feature. This will prevent your Windows from restarting and switching off continuously.

Thus, you can take a break and return to your work without having your computer switch. This will save you a lot of time and you can work in a better manner. This will surely increase your productivity.

#47. Switch off Your Television

It is a known fact that we waste a lot of time, during the day, behind the television. It has become proof that an American, on an average day spends about 4 hours or more in front of the television.

Thus, so much of your valuable time waits daily. These 4 hours surmounts to almost 9 years spent watching television.

This time could have been spent more productively. So, the first thing you need to do, si remove this heinous distraction from your life.

Then, your productivity will increase. TV also hurts your eyes and brain. So, switch off your TV if you want to increase your productivity.

#48. Be Sure to Use Any Dead Time You Might be Having

During our days, we have a lot of dead time. Dead time generally refers to the time you which occur during the day where you have nothing to do. Like, wasting time while waiting in the queue or being stuck in traffic.

These lead times can be used for doing easy tasks like reading or editing tasks and sending emails. This will surely lessen your work and help you complete more work. So, try to employ these techniques if you want to increase your productivity.

#49. Consult Book Which Have Written About Time-Management

There are many books and ebooks which are available that have mentioned tricks and tactics which will help you to reduce your workload and be more productive.

These authors have proven ways that will help you in increasing your productivity and getting more work done. Examples of some of these books have been listed below-

1. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

2. The Skinny on Time Management: How to Maximize Your 24-Hour Gift 

3. Eat That Frog! : 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.

You can go through these books once if you are struggling to manage your workload and feeling pressurized.

These books will provide you with worthwhile hacks which will help in increasing your productivity.

#50. Decrease the Time-Drain That Occurs Due to Miscommunication

Many times in your office you come face to face with incorrect emails or emails which do not make much sense to you or the person you are sending it to. Thus, the main message and objective of the email get defeated. The email loses its purpose.

So, you should use an app called ‘Grammarly’. This app checks and efficiently corrects your emails and gets your point across to the person you want to communicate with.

Thus, your productivity is increased and you do not have to waste your time.

#51. Make a List of the Crucial Results Which are Important for That Day

The crucial list consists of all the important tasks and goals which you need to achieve during that day to move forward in your life so that you can make your progress towards completing your different projects.

To move forward with this tip, first, make a spreadsheet of the top 3 crucial goals which you need to complete during that day.

This will enable you to complete all you to slowly complete all your desired objectives and you can make proper progress and increase your productivity. Thus your focus will remain on all the important tasks and jobs.

Here, we have elucidated some steps which you can follow-

1. Make an entry of all your crucial results along with the tasks that go with them in an app called Focuser.

2. This app will create to-do lists for you and help you giving priority to important tasks and reduce the pressure of work.

3. Create all your goals in an app called Hive which will help in the maintenance of all your goals.

#52. Use the App Evernote

This app is good for you if you suddenly feel panicky about where you keep which not of yours. This app helps to organize all your notes together and just be checking Evernote, you will get access to all your notes. 

This is ideal in helping you properly organize all your notes. It also helps you to search for the notes just by typing in some important keywords.

This allows you to work in an easy and relaxed which positively affects your productivity. It allows you to properly handle all your tasks and enables you to cross off certain tasks from your to-do lists.

This app can be accessed from your smartphone and your computer. All you need to do is sign in and make an account, then all the notes which you have written or will write will be synced together. You can easily access all your notes just by going online. 

#53. Try Healthy Eating

You need to eat foods that will bring nourishment to your brain and which will help you work effectively. This will help you in the long run and you can work properly without feeling tired or sleepy or having headaches.

Fruits and vegetables are the things that you should have. These will keep you healthy and you will not fall sick too often, otherwise falling sick might hamper your productivity.

#54. Use the Two-Minute Rule to Gain Hand Over Your Procrastination

This is a simple tip that you can use in your daily life to conquer over procrastination which is your main enemy against productivity. 

According to this tip, all you need to do is attempt tasks, first which can be completed in only two minutes or even in less time. Try to implement this properly.

What you need to do at first is prepare a to-do list and note down the small tasks which will take only two minutes to be completed.

#55. Perform Huddles With Your Team at Morning

When you reach your office early in the morning try a brainstorming session with all your colleagues.

Get to know about everyone's ideas and bring everyone on the same page so that everyone knows what work they will have to do and can work with a clear objective.

Or you could sit in a group and together discuss the goals which were accomplished in the previous day so that you can focus on new goals for this day.

Try to create short-term goals that are easy to complete. This will surely help to increase your skills and ability to work fruitfully. It will maj=ke you more productive and you can achieve a lot more.

#56. Switch on the Silent Mode of Your Phone

The phone is the biggest distraction that you come across in your life. The constant notification which comes and makes your phone beep continuously and irritates you creates a great barrier between you and achieving success.

It hampers you and prevents you from being successful. So, do not get distracted put your phone in the silent mode, then your phone will not distract you. As a result your productivity will increase.

#57. Only Hold Meetings Which are Necessary

Sometimes, you end up conducting meetings that were not necessary. This leads to complete wastage of time and your focus from your work shifts which could have otherwise helped you achieve a lot more.

So, before holding a meeting strategically decide the goals of the meeting and list down the points you want to discuss in the meeting.

Ask yourself if this meeting is needed to be done or can you just not send an email and can the meeting be done through a video call or do you require the physical presence of the members in the meeting.

Always make a careful consideration of all these, you will see that a lot of time gets saved. As a result your productivity will increase and your time will not be wasted behind unnecessary meetings.

#58. Use the Two-Hour Solution Which Roger Seip Has Talked About

This “2-Hour Solution” is the brainchild of  Roger Seip who is the author of the book ‘Train Your Brain for Success’.

According to this method you need to spend at least two hours every week mentally creating what you will do in the next week. This is an effective method and saves you a lot of time and increases your ability to succeed.

In this duration try to analyze whatever you have done in the entire week. During this you will have to reassess your goals and try to measure the level of success of each activity you have been performing during the week which has been directed towards your goals.

Then based on these observations plan out your next week by marking the days in your calendar, what you will be doing on each day.

So, how does this work?

First you need to chalk out your ‘green time’, in this duration you will be doing the work that will be getting you paid. Then, there is ‘red time’ during this duration you will be doing activities which will support your green time.

After all this, you will have to decide the ‘flex time’ during this unplanned time things will occur and finally is the recreation time, this time will be spent behind doing all the leisure activities and exercises which will help you relax.

This is a very effective solution to reduce your workload and plan things accordingly and you might not even need the full 2 hours for planning and chalking out this schedule. This method is designed to increase your productivity and help you become successful.

#59. Try Standing More Than Before

When you are feeling drowsy during the day, or if your posture is starting to deteriorate, or if you are having trouble concentrating on your meetings, then standing up is the best thing you can do. It will immediately make you feel a bit more awake. 

This is an effective solution for increasing your concentration and making you more focused on your work.

Many people who stand by their desks when they are losing concentration have said that this is an effective manner for improving their concentration. Standing makes you lose more calories than you do while you are sitting.

This is an easy method for increasing productivity. So, while you are standing, you might not lose a lot of calories but you can be saved from certain ailments like obesity, diabetes, cancer, and early death. Standing can protect you a little bit from all these ailments.

Thus standing can be used to increase your productivity and can also help you in reducing your calories.

#60. Try Using Headphones

When you are working in an office, many people might rub you. This disrupts the natural rhythm which you might have had whilst you were working.

So, the headphones are the easy way to protect yourself from unneeded distractions and you will not have to respond to unnecessary questions.

In a face to face situation it would have been difficult for you to say no or not respond to a particular question.

It is not even important for you to listen to music while the headphone is plugged in inside of your ears. The headphones act as means to save you from trivial questions which might make you lose your focus and decrease your productivity.

#61. Allot Less Time to Yourself Than Necessary

This is an effective way for you to increase your productivity and propel you towards success. All you need to do is think about how much time you will require for completing a piece of work, then by the hat, give less time to yourself than you think you require.

This will lead to an adrenaline rush and you will complete your work in no time. This is bound to make you more focused and increase your productivity.

#62. Try Reading Early in the Morning

Waking up early in the morning makes many feel energized while some do not feel energetic so early in the morning. It is important for such people to feel more energetic.

The best way to feel productive early in the morning is to keep your frame of mind in the correct place is to do a certain amount of reading early in the morning for at least 15-30 minutes before you start on your day.

This will surely act as a way to prove your productivity early in the morning. You could try reading books which are primarily dealing with subjects lime psychology and development of the mind of the individual.

This is one of the best ways to improve your productivity and help you work towards your goal. This will also inspire you to be more creative.

#63. Try to Blast Into Tasks Which You Do Not Want to Do

There are certain simple tasks that we come across which we do not want to do. We waste our time trying to procrastinate over the task and we do not work towards the task.

There is some easy task and yet we do not want o to perform those tasks. We always try to push down the task and come up with excuses to justify ourselves.

The best way to avoid this is to say 5-4-3-2-1 to yourself and then start on with the task. This is sure to make you feel more motivated and inspired to work towards your goals.

As you slowly complete one task after another you will feel a surge of excitement t to take on more tasks and slowly but surely you will complete you're your tasks.

Thus, this is a very impressive way to improve your productivity.

#64. Give Motivational Reason to Yourself for Completing a Task

People usually feel a lack of motivation while they are working. This will surely deteriorate your performance. So, you need to stop once in your life and reflect and try to find the reason why you started working in the first place. Why did you chose this work and not any other work?

It is important to think about all this once a while as that will surely help you to increase your motivational drive. It is important for you to once again rekindle your passion and look at the positive points behind the work you are doing.

Sometimes it is important to get back your passion as this will help you to find a purpose behind what you are doing and reduce the sloppiness which you experience and every day. This will act as a sort of escape from the monotonous life.

Try to dig out from within yourself why you started working. Once you do this, you will surely feel more inspired than before and your dedication towards your work will increase.

This will surely make you more productive. Finding this deeper meaning behind your work is sometimes extremely crucial.

#65. Be Optimistic About Your Work

Optimism is the basic essence of your life. It is the only thing that can singularly propel you towards success.

Do not feel miserable and think of yourself to be a loser. It is important to reflect upon your success, once in a while.

You must make a note of the progress which you have encountered in your life while you have been working.

The key to success is staying positive and happy. This will help you improve your skills and make you more productive.

#66. Channel Your Inner Will

Will power can make a man move mountains. Every motivational expert knows it is important to rekindle your inner strength and will power and never back down from hurdles and obstacles, however impossible it might appear.

There is always a light at the end of a tunnel which is waiting for you. Remember this and give everything you have got towards completing the task which has been presented to you. 

Even if your work progress is not satisfactory for you, do not lose hope and give up. Get up and struggle even harder than before.

Try to find your lost strength and passion. Renew your will power and struggle even harder than. This is one of the best ways to achieve your goals and remain productive.

#67. Important to Replicate the Natural Cycle of the Body in the Office

You should try to make the office environment of the office as positive as you can. It is important to grow plants in your office, it will allow the continuous flow of oxygen in your office and will allow sunlight to enter your office.

This will help in supplying your body with the much needed fresh air which will refresh your mood.

This will act as a positive step towards your goal and propel you towards success. This will surely make you more productive than before.

#68. Try to Decide What You Will do the Next Day in The Night Before That Day

As we have said earlier to-do lists are increasingly important for improving your skills of being productive. Top CEO’s of the best companies make a listing of the three things they want tom to do the following day.

Once you make the planning of the things you want to do the next day, you will end up easting less time behind planning your work as your goals for the next day has already been decided.

However, it is important for you to only note down three things which you want to do during the day.

This will help you feel goal-driven the next day and will improve your production skills. Be sure to make your goals seem easy and simple and not too numerous and difficult. This will improve your productivity.

#69. Prepare a Not to-do-List

The not-to-do list is as important as the to-do list. This list should contain all the things which you feel you should not be doing. The basic idea behind this is to prepare a list of all the things which you want to avoid doing that will not help you become productive.

In this listen to mention all the activities which are unproductive and will not help you reach anywhere.

This list should be prepared after you have done a careful self-introspection and you have carefully noted down all the activities which keep you from achieving your goals both personal and professional.

Some of these unproductive habits include wasting time idly behind television and your smartphones. Thus try to ditch all such activities that hamper your productivity.

#70. Be Sure to Take the Benefit of Your Commute

There is a lot of time wasted while you are traveling on your commute to reach to your office. This time can be used constructively. You can go through all your assignments and mentally prepare yourself on how to work on them.

Try reading books which are sure to make you more productive. Or you could listen to various podcasts and read motivational books. You can also try to increase your knowledge from google or learn a new language from the DuoLingo app.

#71. Do all The Difficult Task When You are at Your Best

The time when you are at your most productive is different for different people. Some people are more productive art early morning while some are extremely productive late at night.

Find out the time when you are most productive and use that time to do tasks that are the most difficult and tough to perform.

As at this time, you will perform those tasks in the best manner possible. Thus, this will surely enhance your work and make you more productive than before. Try to use this tip to improve your work.

#72. Try to Shorten Your to-do List

While it is important to create a to-do list, it is equally important to strike off things or tasks from your to-do list which are somewhat unrealistic and can create pressure on you. It is important to asses all your abilities and capabilities in a careful and introspective manner.

Asses all the abilities in a realistic manner otherwise you will not even be able to achieve the goals that you possibly can achieve.

So, to take a step towards achieving your goals it is important to strike-off certain things from your to-do list. This wills surely make you more productive.

#73. Carefully Plan all Your Phone Calls From Before

Sometimes phone calls just distract you and disrupt your working schedule. So, if you are starting on important work, you must put your phone on silent mode unless you are expecting an important call.

Create a proper scheduled time which will be the time when you make a call to all the numbers which left a missed call for you. Thus, you can spend more time behind making fruitful calls and proper conversations.

On the other hand, if the task you are working on is not that important, then do not keep your phone in the silent mode.

This will save you from the drudgery from having to answer a couple of calls at the same time which can be quite boring and waste your time and decrease your skills of productivity.

But, when you know that the phone will be nothing but a distraction, remove it from your place of work.

Thus, to maintain your pace of working towards the goals follow this tip as it will improve your productivity.

#74. Create a Permanent Space From Where You Will be Working

The primary step, while you are working from home, is to permanently mark an area in the house as the place from where you will be working and will be handling the various tasks which you are supposed to perform.

You could designate an empty room which you are not using at the moment. In this also you can keep your desk and design it like the workplace you have in your office.

You should be comfortable in this area and will not feel the need to change this area. You should maintain a level of silence in this work as this will help you concentrate. This will surely improve your ability to focus and improve your productivity skills.

#75. Maintain Technology of a Proper Quality in Your Home

You might have to invest a little bit in making your home like your workplace in the office. You will need to buy a laptop or any other desktop.

Apart from that you will be needing a router and a proper broadband connection in your won home.

Try to save yourself from being harried by technological difficulties. The router should be of a perfect condition and must work properly.

Get a new router if it is possible otherwise an old router will be prone to facing network difficulties.

This will improve your ability to function properly and efficiently. It will improve your skills of being productive. So, try to inculcate this tip.

#76. Buy Proper Office Furnitures

It is important to have a proper desk or chair in which you can work. This is crucial if you want to get the best out of this work from the home period. Try to get proper printers and scanners and use large bookshelves.

This space should enable you to perform productively and you will achieve most of your goals and tasks.

#77. Create Proper Working Hours

You need to designate the proper hours during which you will be working. The best part about work from home is the flexibility it provides.

However, do avoid working continuously. This will help you become more productive and finish all your goals by the deadline.

#78. Do not Mix Your Personal With Your Professional Life

When you start working from home, there are massive chances that the work will start entering into your personal life. This is as a result of you being always close to your work. So, be careful when you are working at home. 

You have to properly fixate the working hours and work healthily and fruitfully. This will help you work properly and not even hamper your personal life.

After, you have fin sighed working, be sure to close your laptop and move away from the working place.

This will surely improve your productivity. A career that lets you work from home can be invasive in your personal life.

#79. Employ a Proper Planner While You are Working

While you re working at home, it is quite natural for you to lose your focus so you need to use a planner where you will mention all the deadlines of the different tasks and try to maintain every appointment and meeting. 

Various tools are used for task management which will. Help you organize your work in a proper and efficient m, manner. The planner will maintain a log of all the activities you perform daily.

You will get the feel of the office even if you are working at home. This will aptly improve your productivity and make you achieve your goals.

#80. Use Only One App for Managing the Different Projects

Do not use several apps for managing your work, assignments, and projects. T=You are sure to get confused.

Try to use only one. Some management apps will help you keep on track which can be found in the app store. 

 These apps are mostly available for free. So, go ahead and use these management apps and you will be able to function more productively.

#81. Work in Formal Clothes

Even while you re working at home pretend that you are working in the office. Try to wear formal attire while you are working so that you do not lose your head while working on the different projects at hand. Do not wear your home clothes while working as this might make you lazy.

This will impact your working habit. You will lose your concentration and will lose track. You need to have the correct mindset when you are starting to work. Do not slag and slow down by wearing your PJs.

You need to dress-up properly so you are ready to work in both mind and spirit. Besides, if you are dressed in this attire you re ready to handle meetings at any point during the day.

Thus dress properly while working and you will positively affect your productivity.

#82. Avoid Using the Living Room for Working

The living room is the hub of distractions. Most of the activities in your house happen in the living room. If you are living in a family then your kids and the younger members of the family will sue the living room for playing around. 

Besides, most people keep their T.V in the living room. This might distract you and you will be inclined to binge watch various shows on the various channels on the TV or use your Netflix account in a rampant manner. Thus, use some other space to work. This will surely increase your productivity.

#83. Set a Morning Routine

The other perk or distraction which occurs in work from home is that you generally tend to sleep in and not wake up because there is no rush to reach your office on time. But, this is dangerous for your working habit.

Do try getting up at the usual time and then take a walk around the house. Make yourself a cup of coffee, have your breakfast, take a shower, and then sit down to work with a fresh mindset. Follow this routine so that your work performance is not hampered.

This will surely improve your productivity. You will be able to finish all your tasks by the deadline and be successful even while working from home.

#84. Keep Multiple Alarms as a Safety Precaution

Maybe you do not need to work super early like you usually do while going to the office. However, do continue with setting up the alarm so that you do not break your habit of waking up early.

Just as safety precaution maintains more alarms than one which will keep you on your toes. Then you will be sure to not sleep in and can wake up at the proper time and maintain your routine.

Along with that have separate alarms for your lunchtime and your snack time. Also, continue to take the usual breaks, you take while working in the office. This will allow you to maintain your scheduled and specific routine and your productivity will not be hampered.

Remember that we are all animals of habit, so you need to maintain your good habits so that you do not start to slack and lose track of time.

#85. Maintain Your Regular Stretches and Workout Routine

Exercise is something which is crucial and you must maintain them. When the lockdown was not present, you were able to go to the gyms regularly. However, now due to this lockdown you are not able to as a result your body might not feel energized to work anymore.

So, to improve your productivity you need to keep up with all your regular exercises and stretches which you used to do in your office.

When you wake up in the morning, continue to walk around the house and sometimes try doing jumping-jacks or squats, which are simple exercises, at your home.

#86. Maintain a System of Rewards

The rewards system is important for you to maintain. Now, we know while you are working from home, there is no Boss to praise your work or compliment you. So, it is up to you to keep yourself motivated and ensure that you keep on working properly.

This will prevent you from starting to procrastinate. You should pat yourself on the back and take a break if you have done good work.

This self- motivation is extremely important. This will keep you motivated and improve your productivity.

#87. Maintain Your Time With the Help of the Apps of Time Management

We know that while staying at home, it is areal struggle to work while maintaining a proper time limit and staying on a proper time track. This daily struggle can be overcome by using a time management app that will enable you to perform a particular task at a specified time.

This will maintain your task and correctly perform every single tasks without spending too much time behind one task.

This will keep you away from distraction. Many time management apps can be found in the app store like the Harvest app or the Togglr app.

These apps are designed to show you how much time you spend on each task. It will let you know how much time was wasted and how much time was spent productively.

These apps will surely improve your productivity skills and help you to remain on track.

#88. Employ the Facility of Video Chats

The video conference callings have become extremely important and regular during this lockdown period.

The video calling is the only feature that will help you to maintain your appointments and meetings with your colleagues and clients during this work from the home period.

Video conference calls not only help to hold meetings and discuss important things but it is the only way to cure you of your loneliness especially if you are staying alone otherwise your, loneliness is sure to affect your ability to function well.

Humans are gregarious by nature and need to communicate with one another. This communication is important to improve your productivity.

Some of the apps which offer video conferencing calls are Google Meet, WhatsApp, Skype. However, the most popular during recent times is the ZOOM app.

These calls will help you to remain productive as it will not only serve the need to discuss important idea but it will also help you to have a porper conversation with your team. It will allow you to remain connected with one another.

#89. The Lunch Breaks of Earlier Could be Used for Doing Your Errands

While you are working in the office there is a fixed time for your lunch but you can maintain a certain form of flexibility that you can maintain. The lunchtime which you would get in the office could be used for doing certain tasks of your home, like cleaning your home or clearing up space.

You could also utilize this time to buy and stack groceries in your home. Thus, your productivity as a whole is improved. You can aptly handle your personal life and also work as an ideal employee.

Utilize every free time you get during the work from the home period in a fruitful manner that will enhance your productivity.

#90. Maintain a Distance From Your Other Family Members and Pets While You are Working

This is a difficult task to achieve especially if you are a parent to extremely young children or have a lot of pets at your home. Try to isolate yourself from everyone else and avoid them when you are working.

This is not being rude but just maintenance of a basic work ethic. If you allow yourself to be distracted by them, then your work will suffer and you will not be able to achieve your goals or complete your tasks on time. 

When you are not working, give everyone else in your family your complete concentration so that your personal life is not hampered.

Prepare a proper work schedule for yourself and stick to it. Maintaining this tip is important to improve your productivity while working from your home.

#91. Master the Art of Creating a Vision Board

Working can become boring for you after a point of time. To keep it interesting and creative, you must create a vision board. 

This vision board is nothing too difficult, it is just a board that you create to jot down all your aims, objectives, and aspirations. You can also incorporate pictures of your dreams on this vision board.

This board can keep you inspired and help your email your positive while you are working and you will have a clear path towards success.

#92. Maintain a Proper Link With all Your Colleagues

This time can be utilized to establish a proper rapport with your colleagues. Do not forget that the only way to move forward in your work is if you work as a unit with your co-workers.

Organize regular calls and meetings with the colleagues to update yourself with their conditions. Do not make anyone feel unwanted and try to chat with your colleagues even in a private manner.

Try to inculcate and know about their time management skills and their work ethics. Even try to inspire them and talk about the projects they are working on. Know about the progression they have made in their projects and tasks.

Talk to your subordinates about the visions and the big plans of the office. Communicate clearly and properly what kind of work you expect from them. Try to make all your colleagues feel valued only then will they coordinate with you and work properly with you.

Try adopting this tip to do productive work and provide fruitful results which will be advantageous for everyone.

#93. Use Proper Means of Communication

Sometimes, the messages you send to your co-workers in the form of chats, do not clearly show the ideas present behind the texts. It might be wrongfully conveyed to the co-workers and appear to be offensive.

To ensure that your ideas are communicated properly, use emoticons or emojis to convey your reactions and feelings.

In this way, you will get your point across and there will also not be any misunderstanding with your colleagues. This will ensure a productive way of working which will bear good results.

#94. Use Proper Instruments for Communication

For conducting the various video conference calls and phone calls, you must have proper headphones which will help you to have the conversations.

Use a laptop that has a proper webcam that will help you see all your colleagues have a complete and proper video conference call.

These things are important to consider when you are working from home. Only if all these you will be able to conduct proper and fruitful meetings.

#95. Maintain Proper Safety Measures

Even when you are working from home, you are not safe from hackers. They might try to steal sensitive and valuable information about your company from your device. So, it is important to maintain the safety of your device.

Some ways by which you can protect yourself from a hacker attack is by using a properly encrypted VPN network, not sharing your company information with your family members or friends, and always file a complaint when your device’s security is hampered.

#96. Clean Your Workspace

No janitor at your home will clean up your work table after you. Your table will be completely messy and disorganized and your workspace untidy if you do not clean it up.

So, inculcate the habit of cleaning up the mess left behind by you. This will surely help you improve your organizational skills and make you more productive and you will work more clearly and fruitfully.

#97. Have a Sort of Self Discipline

It is important to work officially and formally when you are working at home. Otherwise, you might start to work in an irresponsible manner which will adversely affect your productivity.

Also, while working always remember when you need to stop working otherwise you might start working redundantly and your productivity will deteriorate. So, to remain productive work in a disciplined and efficient manner.

#98. Take Care of Yourself

This is ideal and possible when you are working from home. Now, you can spend a lot of time looking after yourself and eating nutritious food and keeping yourself healthy. Only then will you be able to work productively.

#99. Use the App Workspace Pro

This app is ideal for controlling a variety of applications that you open while working from home. This app helps you to properly organize all the apps. 

#100. Use the Pin Stripped Meeting Tool

The pinstriped meeting tool is ideal for arranging meetings when you are working from home. This tool keeps a proper record of the time spent behind the meeting, the topics discussed, and maintain all the important links. This will surely improve your productivity.

#101. Do not Allow Friends to Come

It is important to not allow your friends to come in while you are working. This can hamper your productivity and you will not be able to get your work done.

#102. Pretend You are in Office

It is important to keep up the pretense that you are still in office as this will help you to remain productive and work properly.

#103. Avoid all Non-Work Appointments

Don’t go to the office or the groceries during the day while you are working. Otherwise, you will not remain productive and your work will suffer.

#104. Zoom Conferencing is Good

Zoom conferencing has became a lot more popular during the corona virus pandemic and so many people are getting attracted towards it.

Zoom video conferencing is good as it helps up to 1,000 people to gather together in a video call and has proper productive meeting discussions.

This will surely enhance your working ability while you are working from home.

#105. Sometimes Enjoy the Distraction 

At times distractions help to break your continuous working streaks and save you from the monotonous work life. So, if your friends or family disturb you at times enjoy it and do not get irritated. This will not hamper your productivity.

#106. Remain Out of the Kitchen

While you are working from the habit you constantly feel hungry and pop into your kitchen to eat something or the other. Avoid this if you wish to remain productive.

#107. Try to Avoid Cabin Fever

Constantly staying at home crammed up at home affects you psychologically. Go towards the window to get fresh air and come back to work in a better and productive manner.

#108. Do not Lose Your Creativity

Try to remain inspired and not lose your creativity as this will seriously hamper your productivity. Try to remain productive and work properly.

#109. Set a Deadline

Give yourself a time limit for each task. This is important to improve your productivity.

#110. Remain Flexible

Remaining flexible while working is important while working at home to boost your productivity.

#111.Do not Try to be Perfect

Trying to be perfect is an illusion and creates unnecessary stress on you. You are bound to make mistakes but try to learn from them and evolve. This will be positive for your productivity.

#112.Work With 90 Minutes Intervals 

It is important to have intervals of at least 90 minutes while you are starting to work. This is important to be productive.

#113. Create a Good Impression

On your first day to office wear something nice and create a proper impression on your colleagues and boss. This will help your productivity in the long run.

Final Words

It is important that we understand the importance of productivity and encounter the distractions away from us so that we can achieve our goals on time.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 113 proven ways to increase your productivity at work and we're sure it will help so many people facing productivity issues.

After looking at all these productivity techniques, If you have any other or different way of being more productive, feel free to comment about it below and we would love to add them in this list.

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