Top 10 Best Office Desk Chair Under $100 in 2019

Without a doubt, people had to sit continuously for around 8-9 hours on their office chair which becomes a worst situation when your office chair isn't comfortable.

Everyone who works in an office always looks for a comfortable option which can make it easier to spend 8-9 hours a day in the office without facing any pain or problem due to continuous sitting.

Before explaining about best office chair under 100 dollars, it's important to know how these things are affecting your daily life.​

Therefore, there are so many people who often face problems like back pain, neck pain, joint pain, numbness and much more because they don't have a qualitative and comfortable office desk chair.

Your office desk chair is one of the main factor which can make your working hours more productive and can increase the overall success rate when you are sitting comfortably while working in the office.

Therefore, spending up-to $100 on a best office chair can be a wise decision when it comes to working in a painless environment for more productivity.

Best Office Desk Chair Under $100

Best Office Desk Chair Under $100 in 2019

When you are ready to buy a best office desk chair under 100 dollars range then you should understand that the market is filled with lots of office chairs that ranges under $100 but constructed with poor quality material.

So, sometimes it becomes very much difficult for the buyers like you to decide which office desk chair you should buy. Right?

But luckily, when you have landed to this page then we assures you that we wouldn't let you disappoint and will help you in finding the best office chair under $100 that can make your working experience amazing.

After doing several researches, testing for around 27 hours and getting real reviews from the real customers who are already using office desk chairs under $100, we have selected the below listed chairs as the best office desk chairs for your budget.

#1. BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather

If you are a tall person and looking to buy an office chair that can make your work space more comfortable then, this is the chair made for you. You can sit on it comfortably by leaning your head back on the headrest even if you are 6'4" taller.

People with longer torso will get amazing back support and can rest their neck comfortably while working on their desk, resting and watching movies. This chair provides you an excellent comfort and eliminates your back pain, leg pain when resting your back on the padded backrest and seat cushion.

Also the chair is designed to catch your eyes and will make your office look good. Moreover, it comes with four different sizes which allows you to choose the size depending on how big and tall you are and includes the weight limit of 250 pounds.

It also has the feature that will allow you to adjust the chair height as per your needs and can also recline the backrest to make your sitting experience more comfortable. Sitting straight while working can often cause back pain and that's why you will have the option to recline your backrest for more back support.

Soft PU leather upholstery and ample padding is used to build the chair which is oil and water resistant and makes it easy to clean whenever needed. The curved armrest has the additional padding but aren't adjustable.

This office chair swivels a full 360 degree with the seat height of 19-23" and 20” x 20” seat size and back rest measures 20” x 28”. A lever is available in the lower side of the chair that prevents or allows the chair to recline as per your needs and a tension knob controls the tilt tension.

Overall, a lot of customers found it as a great budget chair for the people who used to work for longer hours in their office and home. Many buyers loved this computer chair which is cheap, more reliable and sturdy.

It comes in three different colors, you can choose any based upon your choice. Amazon is the best place to buy such a great chair which is having over 2400 genuine customer reviews where so many customers have praised it for getting amazing back support while sitting and leaning on it.


  • Best for average in height or tall person.
  • Water and oil resistant.
  • Provides excellent neck and back support.
  • Adjustable seat height and backrest.
  • Low price with best value chair.


  • Not for over 250 pounds weight person.
  • Armrest isn't adjustable.
Homall Executive Swivel Faux Leather

This is yet another great office desk chair which comes with some great features in it. People working in the office for long hours often tries to make themselves more comfortable so that they wouldn't have to face any pain or problem during their working hours.

After considering every aspects of your comfort, this chair is made up of high density shaping foam and Pu Leather to make you feel more comfortable and provides better support to your body when sitting on it.

The Homall Executive ergonomic style chair has the ability to remove the headrest so that you can use it when you needed and comes with lumbar support pillow which will prevent any pain in your waist while working for long hours.

A lot of customers found it as a great chair for gaming, working for long hours and studying while keeping your comfort level amazing.

The Homall company really proud on a feature that comes with the chair is, it's multi-functional seat back which can be locked upright straight while gaming, lock the recline between 90-180 degree depending upon at what angle you feels comfortable while resting, and comes with a rocking function that will allow the chair to back and forth when adjusting the knob.

And no matter if you are a heavy person, this chair has the capacity to hold the body weight of maximum 300 pounds. This chair swivel for a full 360 degree and has multi-direction wheels which has the ability to move on most floor surfaces smoothly.

If you need to adjust the seat height then it can be adjusted from 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches. The dimension of seat back is 22.5" x 30.5" and 19.8" x 20.5" for the seat. The armrest isn't adjustable.

However, the chair is more sturdy and stable and will be the best value for your money.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillow.
  • Weight capacity of up-to 300 pounds.
  • Best for gaming purposes also.
  • Best value in the affordable price.
  • Replace or refund money within 1 month if you don't like.


  • The armrests aren't adjustable.
  • May not fit under small desks.
Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style

This chair is also selected as the best office chair which brings amazing comfort to your work space and will make you more productive during your working hours. It often becomes difficult to focus on the work if you are experiencing the back pain, neck pain or any other body pain because of uncomfortable office chair.

Therefore, this is the chair which lies under your budget and provides great comfort to you. High density shaping foam and Pu Leather material has been used while building this office desk chair which will let you feel relaxed and comfortable while working or studying.

Whenever needed, you will be able to remove the headrest of the chair and can work by keeping your head straight towards your computer screen. It also has the lumbar support pillow which will keep your waist safe from any pain.

Many buyers has reported that they had amazing experience through this chair while playing video games, working long hours in the office and while studying.

This office chair has a great feature called multi-functional seat back with the help of which, you can lock the seat back upright straight, recline can be locked between 90-180 degree based on your comfort measures. Also the chair can be back and forth by using the adjusting knob.

It will be the right office desk chair if you weighted under 300 pounds as the chair has the limit of maximum 300 pounds weight. With it's multi-directional wheels, you can smoothly move yourself from one desk to another desk in your office while sitting on it and it also swivels a full 360 degree.

Also if you are little taller and not feeling comfortable when sitting on it then simply adjust the seat height from 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches. 22.5″ x 30.5″ and 19.8″ x 20.5″ are the dimensions of seat back and seat respectively.

At last, Homall Racing Style Gaming Chair will be the best suit for you and your budget. It provides the great value under $100 and proved to be more sturdy and stable.


  • Instruction guide to assemble it easily.
  • Headrest and lumbar support pillow are adjustable.
  • 300 pounds weight limit.
  • Considered as the best gaming chair.
  • 1 month money back guarantee.


  • Armrests are fixed and can't be adjusted.
  • Chair can be fit under the desks with appropriate height only.
Furmax Executive Racing Office Chair

There's no doubt that we all afraid a little bit before buying something online and when it comes to your comfort while working then you may definitely want to be at a safe side. Right? And we all know that a great product always comes with a great customer service and Furmax is doing it really well.

The Furmax Executive Racing Office Chair comes with free replacement or 30 days money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the quality of this office chair. Such type of guarantee always assure buyers that their money will be completely safe and they will be getting the real value for their money.

The chair is built-up with high back PU leather and bucket seat with padded armrest which will provide you the amazing support to your arms and back. The chair has a modern design and looks like a PC gaming chair which is cheap and meet your expectations.

While working in the office, if you need to adjust the chair height then it can easily go from 18.1"to 21.2" to give you the better sitting experience. It will support the body weight of maximum 280 pounds and has the ability to rock back and forth from 90 to 120 degree. Also The seat back can be locked after reclining it to your comfort level.

Moreover, the chair has rounder backrest to provide you the good back support. Apart from it, you will also be able to lean your head comfortably on the headrest while taking rest from the work.

Furmax has provided the great value for the office chairs under 100 dollars which swivels a full 360 degree and has the capacity to move smoothly on the floors without leaving any marks on the surface.

The dimension of the chair seat is 18.8" x 19.2" and seat back is of 18.8" x 28.7" making it a best office chair under $100. However, if you are more taller then you might not get enough neck and head support.


  • 1 month replacement or money back guarantee.
  • Good quality of material used.
  • Will provide great comfort while working.
  • Best chair for PC gaming.
  • Comes in great price.
  • Curved armrests.


  • Armrests aren't adjustable.
  • Doesn't recline more than 30 degree.
Serta Style Hannah I Office Chair

Undoubtedly, Serta is known globally for selling comfortable products and had served countless customers with their amazing services. There are so many office working people who are suffering from back pain, neck pain by sitting continuously for long hours on a crappy office chair.

If you are also one of those people having bad sitting experience on your old office chair then believe me, Serta Style Hannah I Office Chair will provide you the amazing comfort and make your working hours more productive than usual.

This chair is built-up with microfiber material by which you wouldn't find it difficult to clean and are dust and stain resistant. The best thing which I really like about this chair is, it's budget friendly price. You will be getting high quality office chair within the cheap and affordable price.

It has soft and pillowed headrest that will provide the extra added head and neck support to let you feel more comfortable and prevent any unwanted pain. Also the plush layered body pillows provide serene and tranquil seating experience to your whole body.

To make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, it has contoured lumbar support for the exceptional comfort and support to your lower back. Apart from it, the back of your legs will experience the lesser pressure, increased blood circulation and reduced fatigue because of it's waterfall seat edge. The armrests have soft pillow pads that will support your whole hand properly but aren't adjustable.

A pneumatic gas lift is available beneath the chair seat which can be used to adjust to seat height smoothly and has dual wheel casters that will help the chair to roll on any surface and can easily reach from one desk to another desks.

The chair has the ability to hold a maximum of 250 pounds of body weight. Overall, you will be getting the best qualitative office chair under your $100 budget.


  • Plush material used in the chair.
  • Waterfall seat edge to make your legs feel comfortable.
  • High end product within the affordable price.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Available in many different colors.


  • Armrests aren't adjustable.
  • Seat back can feel little warm in summers.
BestOffice Managerial and Executive High Back Office Chair

No doubt that we all look for something which can make our working hours more comfortable and better and when it comes to sitting for around 9 hours while working, then believe me it can be the worst working hours if your office chair isn't that much good and of high quality.

After keeping all such things in the mind, we have found that this racing type high back office chair is made to provide great comfort and amazing sitting experience. This chair has a unique appearance and has bucket seats which will provide you the extra comfort while working for the long hours continuously.

When sitting on it, your back will get some amazing support because the comfortable seat back can be molded around your back and prevent any unwanted pain. Unlike many other office chairs, it has extremely high backrest so that your entire spinal area get supported with it and can provide you the comfortable sitting experience.

A comfortable headrest and lumbar support pillows are available on the seat back in order to provide the support to your head and waist. However, it can be adjusted and you can remove them if you don't want to use them. Armrests aren't padded and also can't be adjusted.

So many customers found it as a great chair on which you can sit for the long hours continuously while working at high pressure and playing video games.

While resting, the seat back can be move backward from 90 to 180 degree on which you can lie down and feels like you are lying on a comfortable bed. There's a lever available in the side of the chair which can be used to recline the seat back up-to your needs.

The chair has 360 degree swivel feature and can move smoothly on most of the floor surfaces. An adjustable foot rest is available in the chair which is just spectacular and can be helpful to you when you want to lay down for few minutes while working and when you don't want to use it, then simply push it beneath the chair.

When needed, you can adjust the sitting height of the chair from 17.5" to 20.5" and has a maximum of 250 pounds weight capacity. The chair is available in three different colors and has backrest and seat area of 36.6"(H) x 22"(W) and 21.6"(W) x 19.6"(D) respectively.


  • Higher backrest to support entire spinal area.
  • A best chair for gaming.
  • Provides great support to people with long torso.
  • A foot rest is also available.
  • Affordable price.


  • Armrests neither be padded nor adjustable.
  • Not for above 250 pound weight person.
Flash Furniture High Back Mesh Chair

If you are one of those who always gets sweat on their back by sitting on the office chair during the hot summer days then believe me, you will be happy a lot after buying this high back mesh chair. The high back of the chair is made up of ventilated mesh material which will have better airflow towards your back and your back wouldn't get sweat in hot summer days.

With it's adjustable headrest and built-in lumbar support, you will become more productive during your working days as you will be sitting comfortably on it and able to focus on the work properly.

Armrests are also made up of mesh material, but they can't be adjusted. However, it can be flip-up whenever you don't want to use them without detaching them.

The padded black mesh upholstered seat and chrome plated nylon base are used in the chair to let you feel more comfortable and has waterfall seat edges which will reduce the pressure on the back of your legs and increases the blood circulation.

This chair easily swivels for 360 degree to make your work space more accessible and has the ability of seat height adjustment by using the pneumatic lever so that you can adjust the height based upon your experience.

It has the maximum 250 pounds weight limit and a tilt lock mechanism is used in the chair to rock or recline the chair back comfortably to adjust it at an angle where you can feel great while resting or relaxing.

This is an another best office desk chair under 100 dollars which is completely affordable and fulfills all your needs when you work in your office.


  • Seat back is mesh and ventilated.
  • Built-in lumbar support.
  • Waterfall seat edges for better blood circulation.
  • Best value for the affordable price.
  • Chair wheels are removable.


  • Armrests height can't be adjusted but can be flip up when you want.
  • Fabric on the seat is rough as per some users.
AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

This chair has been rated as the best selling office chair on Amazon and the reasons are quite amazing. There's comfortable leather upholstery padding on the back, arm and seat of the chair which made a lot of customers fully satisfied with the comfort and support to their whole body.

This chair can be the best pick for your office and also comes under a budget price of $100. The bucket seats of the chair will support your legs by even continuously sitting for long hours. The armrests of the chair are curved and padded but like always, they can't be adjusted and are 8" above the seat.

You can recline the backrest as per your needs and a tilt tension knob can be used to lock the reclining of the backrest.

If you are a tall person then you will have the facility to adjust the seat height of the chair and make it easy for you to sit comfortably on it. No matter how long you want to work, the curved contours on the base and back of the chair will be ready to support your body amazingly.

However, you wouldn't be able to adjust the headrest based on your height because no separate headrest is available. Also the lumbar support area is not that much comfortable when compared with the chairs reviewed above.

The leather material used in the chair isn't that much breathable, so during hot summer days you might observe sweat while sitting on it for longer time period. The chair can be swivel for 360 degree to reach nearby counters and rolling casters will make it easy to move towards different desks and computers.


  • Comfortable leather and padded armrests.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy built-up chair.
  • Best for small budget buyers.


  • Not that much good lumbar support.
  • No separate headrest.
  • Seat fabric isn't breathable.
Flash Furniture High Back Executive Chair

For someone looking for a sturdy, comfortable yet under budget office chair, then this is the office desk chair made of such person. It has high back padded with black leather that will support your torso.

However, neither it have separate headrest nor separate lumbar support so as to provide better support to your neck and waist. A person with long torso will get amazing comfort and support by sitting on this chair.

The chair can swivel for full 360 degree and has dual wheel casters with the help of which you can move the chair on the floor surfaces smoothly. You can also use the pneumatic adjustment lever in order to adjust the seat to your desired height.

The curved padded armrests will support your arms and let the feel comfortable while working in the office, however the height of the armrests can't be adjusted.

So many buyers found it as a best office chair under 100 dollars and best suits their requirements.


  • High back design with headrest.
  • Heavy duty nylon base.
  • Dual wheel casters to move smoothly on the surface.


  • No separate headrest and lumbar support.
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Swivel Chair

Last but not the least, this mid back mesh chair from Flash furniture has amazing design of the seat back that has curved backrest to get your lumbar better support. The backrest of the chair is designed in such a way that it can support your mid and upper back area in a proper way.

By sitting on this ergonomic office chair, you can work and play games continuously for around 8-9 hours without worrying about any back pain as it will be supported well. The backrest is designed with ventilated mesh material which will continuously flow air towards your back and your back wouldn't be sweat by sitting on it.

With waterfall edges of the seat, your lower legs wouldn't have any pressure and the blood circulation will get increased. The flip-up armrests are available in the chair which are nicely padded and will give amazing support to your arms and as they can be flipped-up, so you can flip them up when you want to adjust your chair under the desk.

The pneumatic adjustment lever can be used to adjust the height of the seat. Also you will have the facility to recline or lock the backrest along with adjusting it to your comfort level.

This Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Chair swivels for full 360 degree and has the weight limit of 250 pounds. With it's easy rolling casters, the chair can be move smoothly from one place to another place in the office.

It is the great office desk chair under $100 budget and you will definitely amazed with the quality of it when you will start using this chair.


  • Prevents lower back pain.
  • Flip-up armrests available.
  • Budget friendly office desk chair.
  • Ventilated mesh material used in the seat back.
  • Waterfall edges on the seat for healthy circulation.


  • Height of the armrests can't be adjusted.
  • No separate headrest for tall person.

Last Words

We know how much it could be difficult to choose the best office chair under $100 in 2019. Even lots of people on reddit are looking for such recommendations about best office chairs.

So don't worry, we have done all the work for you and reviewed the best office desk chairs to make your working space more comfortable and productive.

We have also reviewed office chairs under $200 and chairs under $300 which you can also check in order to buy some high end office chairs.​

Just checkout all the above listed reviews and choose the one that suits your choice and don't forget to recommend this list to your friends.

Also leave your comment below expressing your person experiences with the office chairs you used in the past or currently using.

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