Top 10 Best Office Chairs Under $500 Reviews in 2020

Everyone who works in their office has the desire of being more productive during their working hours. But practically not many people work like as they think while entering in their office. And there are so many reasons behind it.

In the office, people often face several distractions and laziness while working which results in reduced productivity. However, the distractions and laziness can be vanished away when you are dedicated towards your work.

But if you are having body pain by sitting on a low quality chair then definitely it will affect your working ability. Therefore, It's important to invest your money on a best office chair under 500 dollars that will improve your sitting experience.

People who are experiencing pain anywhere in their body, can't even focus on what they are doing as their mind keep rolling around the pain they have.

So the office chairs are the most important factor in your daily life and it's the major reason due to which you have became less productive towards your work.

Best Office Chairs Under $500

An office chair should always taken at higher priority as it provides you the comfort and support you need while working 9-10 hours a day in your office.

But sadly, many people become so ignorant about the office chair they use that they don't think much about these things.

So here we are going to review some of the best office chair under 500 dollars which will help you in choosing the most comfortable office chair for yourself.

Best Office Chair Under $500 in 2020 - Comparison Table

#10. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair
375 Reviews
#10. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair
  • Made of Chrome/polypropylene base with nylon casters, this chair is made of 97% recyclable...
  • Product dimensions – 29" D x 26.5" W x 46”-52" H | Seat dimensions – 18.5” D x 20.5” W |...
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment ensure users sit correctly and get the support they...
  • Pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers chair quickly | Back, seat cushion, and headrest all adjust to...
  • Back angle adjustment with 3 position tilt-lock adjusts easily - lock the chair back into place in...

#9. Zuri Furniture Gates Genuine Leather Chair
74 Reviews
#9. Zuri Furniture Gates Genuine Leather Chair
  • W 28.75" x D 26" x H 50-53"
    Adjustable Seat Height: 18.75-21.75"
  • Genuine Brazilian Leather Seat with Leatherette Match on Back
  • High Density Foam Padding and Padded Leather Armrest
  • Polished Aluminum Swivel Base with Casters
  • Ergonomic Synchro-Tilt Reclining Mechanism

#8. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08
152 Reviews
#8. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08
  • Latest design, adjustable lumbar pillow and head/neck pillow included
  • Backrest is high and straight for great head support;Flexible seat back with adjustment
  • 360-degree swivel base with smooth double caster wheels, for easy rolling
  • Material: PU cover, 3D Adjustable armrests adjust to the perfect height
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on parts

#7. Merax Ergonomic Office Chair
125 Reviews

#6. Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Leather Chair
83 Reviews
#6. Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Leather Chair
  • W 26.25" x D 27" x H 49.25-52.25"
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 17.5-20.5"
  • Genuine Brazilian Leather Seat with Leatherette Match on Back
  • High Density Foam Padding and Padded Leatherette Armrest
  • Polished Aluminum Swivel Base with Castors
  • Ergonomic Synchro-Tilt Reclining Mechanism

#5. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001
34 Reviews
#5. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and comfortably, Free bonus: headrest cushion & lumbar cushion
  • Patent race car seat breathable material: Carbon Look Vinyle and PU cover
  • Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal, Flexible seat back with adjustment
  • 90 degree 4D adjustable armrests protect shoulders and wrists
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on parts

#4. Zuri Furniture Draper Leather Ergonomic Chair
52 Reviews
#4. Zuri Furniture Draper Leather Ergonomic Chair
  • W 26.5" x D 26" x H 45.5-48.5"
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 17.25" to 20.25"
  • Genuine Leather with Leatherette Match on Back
  • High Density Foam Padding
  • Polished Aluminum Frame with 5 PU Castors

#3. WorkPro Commercial Chair
54 Reviews

#1. Herman Miller SAYL
107 Reviews
#1. Herman Miller SAYL
  • This "life unframed" chair is an amazing mix of sophisticated engineering, design and ergonomics...
  • Height: 34.25-38.75" Width: 24.5" Depth: 24.5"
  • Basic Model: Fixed Arms

A chair should provide proper support and comfort to the person who is sitting on it for around continuous 8-10 hours in their office which eliminates any unwanted body pain and let them feel relaxed whole day.

Hence, our team has tested so many chairs and picked up some top rated office chairs under $500 which will perfectly make yourself stay free and comfortable.

Earlier, we had also reviewed some office chairs under 300-400 dollars and 200 dollars. So here comes the option for you based on your budget.

Although, the chairs which we had selected under 500 dollars will be the most comfortable office chairs for yourself and will improve your productivity in the office.

So let's start. 😀

#10. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair - Best Office Chair for Short Person

best office chair under 500 dollars

Last but not the least, this office chair perfectly values the spot #10 in this list as it has some great quality features that amazingly fulfills your expectations and provides you the right kind of comfort and support.

This is completely a breathable mesh chair which will keep the environment cool by promoting the air circulation.

The seat back is built so amazingly that will provide enough support to your spine and has the ability to adjust the height of lumbar support system to enhance the lower back support and keeps you comfortable for longer time span.

The adjustable headrest is attached with the backrest which will support your neck and head properly when you will be taking rest on the chair.

The comfortable seating pan ensures you get enough support and relaxation until you finish your work and can adjust it’s height from 18.5" (at lowest point) to 22.2" highest point.

The pivoting height adjustable armrests increases the comfort for your arms and work perfectly with all kinds of seating postures.

The back angle adjustment with three position lock makes it super comfortable for you when relaxing in the free time.

The chair is designed to provide immense comfort while taking power nap as synchro tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment ensures you get right kind of support whether sitting upright or reclined.

Coming to the weight limit, anyone around 250 to 300 pounds of body weight wouldn’t be have any issue in sitting on this chair.

The chair stands on sturdy chrome base with nylon casters making it easy to move around in the office. It comes in seven different colors and becomes a best office chair under 700 - 1000 dollars.

What's wrong in the product:

Well the chair built great and I really loved this chair. But there is very few things which I didn’t liked.

The armrests can be more adjustable and comfortable. They don’t stay in a position and swivel constantly. Whether you get up, sit down or move the chair, they move out of place.

Also some users found that the armrests are made up of such material that sticks when you sweat. However it shouldn’t be the case for many of you.

The chair really has some good features and definitely you would love to have it.


  • Sturdy chair built with mesh material.
  • Great adjustability features for better comfort.
  • Best for short person.
  • Provides great support for long hours.
  • Completely worth every single penny.


  • Armrests don’t stick at a place and often cause bit issues.
  • Headrest might be unreachable for tall person.

best genuine leather chair under 500

After discussing about the several office chairs, the time has came when we should look on to the second last chair which deserves to be added in the list of office chairs under 500 dollars.

The seat back of the chair is built in such a way that keeps your back in the right position and put enough support on your lumbar area with it’s inbuilt lumbar support system.

To provide you the comfort all the time, the seat and high back of the chair is padded with high density foam built with genuine leather that’s totally worth the money you will spend on it.

The waterfall edges on the seat pan eliminates the leg fatigue and keeps you in a position where you wouldn’t have any pain during the long sitting hours. The curved armrests has the same genuine leather padding where you can put your arms to get some rest while working

The chair has a feature that let’s you adjust the seat height from 19-22 inches through the height adjustment lever whenever required. During power nap, simply tilt the seat back and lock it at any of the four different locking positions.

The weight limit of this chair is 275 pounds and has a sturdy aluminium base with five PU castors that will keep you in touch with the nearby objects in your office area.

The sleek, sharp and professional look of this chair makes it a best leather office chair which genuinely deserves to be in this list.

What's wrong in the product:

I really found it as a best office chair, however there are few things which I observed might be disliked by you.

Firstly, you wouldn’t be able to adjust the chair arms and they can’t be moved anywhere. Secondly, the arms aren’t that much solid or sturdy which might be a concern for yourself before buying it.

The two big bolts which are holding the arms may get loosen over the time and put some negative feel on your overall sitting experience.


  • Genuine leather with high density foam padding.
  • Sleek sexy look that will suit amazingly with your office.
  • Inbuilt lumbar support for lower back comfort.
  • Available in three different colours i.e Black, Cream and White.
  • Taller person will enjoy sitting on this chair.


  • Armrests aren’t fully adjustable.
  • Armrests may get loose over the time.

#8. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08 - Best Chair for all ages person

best gaming chair under $500

DXRacer used to manufacture chairs under the strict quality standards that ensures your comfort and support to all your body. This chair has already been loved by so many gamers and featured in gaming events like UMG and WCG.

With having so many ergonomic features, people have started loving this chair in their offices too apart from using it for gaming purposes.

The high backrest will provide the complete support to your back and will keep your back in the right posture with the help of curved edges of the backrest. The chair also includes a high neck rest that puts your neck in the great comfort and supports properly when you work for long duration.

DXRacer has made it super easy for their users to get their back and neck in a well supported environment by having a chair that includes high back and high neck rest together.

The adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows are available to support your head or neck and lower back. However they will be attached through the straps which may get loose by sitting for long duration resulting in reduced comfort.

The seat pan is filled with high density foam which extends the duration of your comfort and supports your hips and thighs properly.

The 3D adjustable armrests extend the level of comfort your arms and shoulders get while working or relaxing. The arms height can be adjusted through the buttons available at both the sides.

If you’re habitual of sitting at higher heights then it can be happen by using the hydraulic lever which adjusts the seat height from 49 to 52 inches. Simply tilt the seat back to keep your body relaxed during your power naps and enjoy having a pillow under your head.

The tubular steel frame and a nylon star base makes the chair more sturdy and stable which can hold anyone having body weight of around 200 pounds.

The chair swivels amazingly for a full 360 degree. While the double caster wheels are available for easy rolling of the chair.

What's wrong in the product:

The headrest and lumbar support pillows are attached with a strap through the seat back which may get loose by continuous usage. We suggest replacing it with velcro strips that would make it more stable and comfortable for you.

The chair seat is little stiff which you might dislike in the starting. However, it will become soft and comfortable within few days of using the chair.

Coming to the armrests, they are built with hard plastic that may not be comfortable for your elbow.

Else the chair is super comfortable and will definitely worth every single penny you spend on it.


  • Extremely comfortable office chair.
  • The tubular steel frame makes it more sturdy.
  • 3D adjustable armrests.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on parts.


  • Armrests are made with hard plastic.

#7. Merax Ergonomic Office Chair - Best Office Chair under $200

best office chair under 200 dollars

When it comes to buying an office chair then you should always keep an eye for the chair which can take your gaming and office working experience to the next level and merax ergonomic chair will definitely stand on your expectations.

Merax ergonomic chair has a high backrest padded with quality PU leather which will support your back and will ensure the comfort-ability of several working hours. It includes the removable headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion which protects your neck, head and lower back along with providing gentle texture that keeps your skin away from irritation.

The wide seat pan is covered with thick padded cushions which provides you the extra added comfort to your hips and thighs when sitting continuously for the long time. Anyone with having long torso will easily get comfortable after sitting on this chair and will have long relaxing experience.

Armrests of the chair are padded with the same leather and can also be adjusted according to how you feel more comfortable on it. After looking at the armrests, it’s for sure that your arms and shoulders will get supported amazingly during your work.

The chair comes with comfortable extended footrest that ensures the comfort of your legs when relaxing or taking power nap on the chair.

There’s a gas spring that let’s you adjust the seat height of the chair and will make you sit at the height where you are more comfortable during your work. And no doubt, we all need to take rest after stressing with lots of work. Right?

So you can customize your relaxing experience as the chair has inbuilt reclining system which lets you take a comfortable and relaxing power nap. The seat back reclines from 90 to 175 degree that enables you to recline the seat back to the angle where you feel more relaxed.

While the tilt lock and tension control will help you to decide at what angle you wanna take rest on your office chair.

This office chair can easily hold someone of body weight up-to 250 pounds. However, 225 pounds is the recommended weight limit for the chair. The sturdy base and smooth rolling casters keep yourself in touch with anything around your office chair and can move easily on any floor surface.

What's wrong in the product:

Well I didn’t observed anything wrong with this office chair. Expect the screws which tightens the armrests.

The screws may get loose over the time so you might have to tighten them again so that it can become more comfortable again.

Else this office chair is extremely comfortable and sturdy.


  • Sturdy chair with quality PU leather material.
  • Low and affordable price.
  • Smooth rolling casters for better mobility.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Footrest to keep your legs relaxed.


  • Armrests may get loose over time.
  • Footrest may loose too If you put more leg weight on it.

#6. Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Leather Chair - Office Chair for Long Torso

office chair for long torso

An office chair should always built in such a way that makes you feel wealthy along with providing all the support and comfort to your body. This is one of such chairs which will give you opulent feel and comfort to your body.

The chair has modern look with a high backrest which will keep your back protected from aching and will support your head when sitting. The curved lumbar support will relax your lower back by supporting for a continuous long working hours.

The seat and high back are padded with luxurious leather upholstery which gives you the unique experience.

The wide seat pan with waterfall edge will keep your lower legs and thighs comfortable and your hips wouldn’t be hurt by sitting for long hours. Someone with large body can comfortably fit on the seat pan as it is 27 inches wide.

Talking about the armrests, they are built with a curved metal which are padded with the same leather that will be supportive for your arms and wrists.

However, you wouldn’t be able to adjust your armrests as they are fixed. If you’re looking for the adjustable arms then this chair lacks in arm adjustability and you should check the other chairs here.

Although, If you need to adjust the seat height then it can go from 17.5" to 20.5" so that you can sit at a proper height as compared to your computer desk.

Also, we all are human being who used to get tired from the work. Right? And taking power nap becomes necessary for the health. So you can easily recline the seat back up-to the level where you feel comfortable. The tilt lock mechanism will allow you to lock the tilting of the chair at 4 different positions and someone up-to 275 pounds can easily rock back and forth on the chair.

This sturdy office chair stands on a strong polished aluminium frame with having 5 PU castors that makes mobility and swiveling easy.

All in all, this chair is pretty much enough to attract anyone that makes it a best buy under 500 dollars.

What's wrong in the product:

This chair is so amazing that I didn’t found much faults in it. However, you may observe some minor issues like, the padding on the armrests are fairly thin that may not keep your arms comfortable.

Also the armrests aren’t adjustable due to which you wouldn’t move them while sitting.

Some users below 5’8” reported that they don’t liked the chair as the chair suits great for the people above 5’8” or 6’+ only.


  • Sturdy office chair with opulent look.
  • Padded with genuine leather.
  • Strong polished aluminium frame and 5 PU castors.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Armrests can’t be adjusted.
  • Short person may not fit properly.

#5. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001 - Best Gaming Chair under 500

gaming chair under 500 dollars

Coming to the another office chair under 500 dollars, here's an amazing chair from Dxracer that is having extra high backrest to protect your neck and spinal area from any pain or injuries. Apart from it, it comes with separate headrest and lumbar cushion to provide you the extra added support to your head and lower back.

The seat and high back of the chair are padded with PU leather which will make you feel comfortable all the time. The curved edges of the high backrest will support your shoulders and both sides of your back by keeping yourself in the right posture.

The wide seat pan will make it easy for you to spend several hours on the chair without experiencing any issues or pain. Again the seat edges are curved which will support your lower thighs and will also keep the blood circulation increased.

To support your arms, the chair has 4 dimensional adjustable armrests standing at 90 degree which will keep your arms, shoulders and wrist in a protected position.

It's a fully adjustable office chair in which you can adjust the seat height by using the height adjustment lever. While taking the power nap, you can simply recline the backrest up-to 150 degree and use the tilt lock mechanism to lock the backrest at the desired position.

This office chair suits perfectly to the someone who is having body weight of up-to 250 pounds and height from 5'8" - 6'2". Even many users of around 6'4" reported the chair fits amazingly to them and they can still use the headrest pillow while sitting on it.

The 5 star wheel casters let you move the chair easily on any of the surface. Overall the chair looks amazing and feels like a racing car seat that makes it a best chair for a gamer also.

​What's wrong in the product:

Looking at the wrong side, I didn't found much wrong things with the chair. However, I really felt that the foam used in seat pan is somewhat stiff.

But that will happen in the initial days only, after using continuously for a month, you will start feeling great on this chair for long period and would definitely consider it as your favorite chair.

Also the chair is bit heavy and you may experience some difficulties while moving it around.


  • High backrest for better spinal and neck support.
  • Sturdy chair with fully adjustment features.
  • 4D adjustable armrests.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 24 months warranty on parts.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The chair seat will be firm in the starting.
  • Bit heavy chair, difficult to move around.
  • People below 5'8" may not use headrest cushion comfortably.

best chair for tall person

So here comes something which a lot of people used to search around all over the internet, but many times they fallen for the fake products claiming themselves to be good to them. Right?

But that's not the case here, the stunning and stylist zuri furniture draper leather ergonomic chair has a high comfy backrest that will keep your spinal area supported and let you feel comfortable throughout your working hours.

This chair is built with genuine leather with having foam padding over the high backrest and seat of the chair in order to provide you the immense comfort and relaxation.

The wide comfy seat pan will keep your hips comfortable even while sitting for longer time period. The waterfall edges will keep your lower legs relaxed and will prevent any kind of numbness as it promotes the improved blood circulation.

The strong armrests built on polished aluminium frame with having foam padding over the armrests to keep your arms comfortable and supported. The good thing is, these armrests are removable and the chair can be assembled without them.

When seated, you will have the option to adjust the seat height of the chair from 17.25" to 20.25". With tilt lock mechanism, you can tilt the chair up-to the angle where you feel better during the power nap or relaxing period.

This chair can be locked in the upright position or can be unlocked when tilting back to make your relaxing experience better.

The chair has built on sturdy polished aluminium frame that has the ability to hold your body weight of up-to 250 pounds easily. The 5 strong PU castors make the mobility easy on any of the floor surfaces.

This chair comes in seven different colors and will be the real deal for your money. With having all these amazing features in the chair, it can be the best office chair under 500 dollars.

​What's wrong in the product:

While buying anything, there's always something which you doesn't like. Right? Similarly, some of the things which  I didn't liked in the chair is:

First of all, the armrests can be adjusted and are fixed at their position. However, you can assemble the chair without armrests but that makes the thing totally different. Right?

The chair can only be locked in the upright position, but not in the tilted position.

If you don't like the assembling instructions then it shouldn't be the big issue. To make assembling easy, I suggest you to separate all the components, nuts and bolts according to the size and then you will easily figure out what goes where.


  • Built on sturdy polished aluminum frame.
  • Padded with genuine comfy leather.
  • Waterfall seat edges for improved circulation.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Stylist and comfortable office chair.


  • Armrests can't be adjusted.
  • Chair can't be locked in tilted position.
  • Assembling instruction may lacks a bit.

#3. WorkPro Commercial Chair - Best for Long Hours Sitting

best office chair for long hours sitting

As you can see above, the WorkPro chair comes with having a unique design which will provide you the cool sitting experience throughout the day and will support your entire spinal area amazingly.

When sitting for long hours in the office, it's important to ensure that your back and lumbar area are well supported and this chair perfectly do it's job.

If you are taller up-to 6 feet then it will be pretty comfortable for you. Anyone above 6' might wish to get a headrest for extra bit of their height. However, if you used to sit straight then it wouldn't be a big issue for yourself and will a relaxing chair for sure.

It's a great lumbar support chair which will eliminate any pain you used to have in your back through your old chair.

The seat pan built with mesh keeps you cool and the waterfall edge ensures the continuous blood circulation throughout your lower legs.

During the power nap, you can adjust the chair seat in such a way that it adapt your hips through a lever on the right while tilting the chair.

Coming to the armrests, they are built strongly with plastic and can be adjusted in and out by using the buttons available on the sides. To fulfill your adjustment needs, you can use the height adjustment lever to increase or decrease the seat height depending on your choice.

Additionally, the tilt back lever on the right side will let you take necessary power naps during your working hours. Also the seat back can be adjusted through the metal frame at back either by pulling or pushing it.

Simply adjust the chair seat, armrests and tilt back together to meet with a position that keeps you comfortable and relaxed while resting.

It can perfectly hold someone weighing up-to 250 pounds and stands on 5 star metal base with having 5 dual wheel casters that make mobility easier around you. With 360 degree swiveling, you can become more efficient in multitasking.

However, you couldn't have any color option as it comes in gray only which may suit with the look of your home and office and will be the best office chair under 500 dollars.

​What's wrong in the product:

You might face so much of difficulties when cleaning the area right under the seat. It's impossible to clean that area without dissembling the chair. However, I don't think it should be a big issue, you can do so once within 4-5 months.

You may not like armrests a little bit as they can't be moved further away from the person seated except inward and outwards.

We recommend using a separate lumbar cushion for increased comfort because seam at the lumbar area where two frames meet can be uncomfortable sometimes or can leave marks of mesh or whatever comes behind you.


  • Comfortable and great lumbar support.
  • Adjustable seat pan to adapt with the body.
  • Can hold up-to 250 pounds of body weight.
  • Life time warranty.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The chair doesn't go up so high.
  • Armrests are little bit hard.

best office chair under $500

This is the another chair which perfectly suits the list of top chairs under 500 dollars as it is designed ergonomically which will keep supporting your entire body during your working days.

On this chair, you will be getting the proper support without having worried about the comfort because the backrest is cushioned with leather along with extra foam filled in it that keeps your back in the right posture.

While the butterfly mechanism keeps your body in a position when you are well supported. The chair is specially designed to provide you comfort and supports your lumbar area strongly.

When sitting, the curved armrests will give relief to your elbow, wrist and shoulders as they are fully padded with cushions. However, if you gonna try to fit the chair under your table desk then make sure the desk height is above the armrests because you cannot adjust the chair arms.

The cushioned seat pan of the chair is designed to make you sit comfortably even for longer period of time. Also the contoured waterfall design will support your lower legs and will keep them away from leg fatigue.

The chair swivels amazingly for 360 degree and can hold the people weighing up-to 250 pounds comfortably. However, some users of around 330 pounds also felt comfortable on it and the chair holds them just amazingly.

Sadly, you wouldn't have any color option as the chair is only available in black. The seat height can be increased or decreased depending upon the user's choice through the lever available at the right side of the chair.

While the round knob controls the swiveling tension and makes it smoother for you to swivel the chair.

While resting, the chair back tilts to a certain angle but not much, makes you feel relaxed and keeps your spinal area supported.

The chair stands on the 5 star metal base with chrome finish that has 5 dual wheel casters which make easier to cover shorter distance on any of the surface at your office or home.


  • Extremely comfortable as the seat and back cushioned amazingly.
  • The chair worth every single penny.
  • Comfortable curved padded armrests.
  • Best lumbar support chair.
  • Waterfall seat to eliminate leg fatigue.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Armrests can't be adjusted accordingly.
  • Your clothes might have sweat patches in summer.

#1. Herman Miller SAYL - Our Favorite

Best Office Chair Under 500 Dollars

Now here comes the chair that has occupied the #1 spot in the list of best office chairs under $500. The chair belongs to Herman Miller, a well known brand and one of the industry leaders who used to deal in modern furniture for home and office.

Herman Miller has built a strong reputation among their users since 1905 by delivering the great quality, stylish design and healthy support, which makes them the best manufacturer in the furniture industries.

The SAYL chair is one of those great examples which Herman Miller has established that is truly impressing the users with it's quality and comfort-ability. It features the Arc span and the Y-Tower that makes it stand completely out of the crowd.

The Arc Span built with suspension fabric used to sustenance your back by keeping it in a proper shape to make you feel cool and comfortable. The Y-tower is built with strong plastic that supports your entire back when sitting on the chair. Also it is wide enough that makes it easier to hold people of different body sizes and up-to 300 pounds.

When looking closely at the chair design, then you may find it to be inspired with Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco because of it's ability of conveying immense amount of load.

With the seat pan being soft enough, you can have comfortable sitting experience throughout the day and it comes in many different colors from which you can choose, that matches perfectly with the color of your working space.

The chair allows you to adjust the seat height whenever it is required by using a height adjustment handle available at the right side of the chair.

The tilt tension knob makes it easier or harder for your back to recline. Simply turn the knob clockwise to increase the tension and make harder to recline, turn anti-clockwise to decrease the tilt tension and recline easily.

The backrest gives extra added support to your lower back as it can be locked or moved accordingly to let you feel more comfortable.

To keep your arms stay freely, you can adjust the armrests by moving them inwards, outwards, up, down, back and forth.

With having a tilt limiter, it limits the recline range up-to three different angles i.e. 91, 101 or 124 degree.

The sturdy base and dual wheel casters will make the swiveling and mobility easier when working in the office or home.


  • Offers amazing back support enables you to work for long hours.
  • Sturdy, stylish and comfortable office chair.
  • 3D intelligent suspension back design.
  • Built with recyclable materials.
  • Unframed back keeps you cool while working.


  • Some buyers aren't happy with the armrests quality.
  • Fixed armrest comes with basic model.

Last Words...

After putting so much of efforts, I think this page has more than enough infortmation that will surely help you out in finding the best office chair under 500 dollars.

We put so much of hard work in the office, therefore it becomes important that we also look onto our health and choose the right chair for us.

The comfort and support we get during the working hours help promote more productivity and success rate.

So we're glad to help you here and would love to solve all your queries which you can ask in the below comments.

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