Lorell Executive High Back Chair Review [Recent Update]

Do you spend longer hours in office? Think you have the right chair? Then what is causing you that backache? If you're looking for a high back chair, then why not read this Lorell Executive High Back Chair Review ?

There is no denying the fact that we spend most of our office hours sitting in a chair. Yes, we may promise every day to take that much awaited break of fifteen minutes, walk around and get back, but that never happens.

Been there, done that! Under such circumstances, what seems to be the right thing to do is to pick a chair that is right for us. Remember, the saying health is wealth; we have to agree to this and keep reminding ourselves that it is true.

Without digressing any further, let us have a look at the chair under discussion. Promise to read it till the end.

Lorell Executive High Back Chair Review

Lorell High-Back Chair Mesh Black Fabric Seat
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Lorell High-Back Chair Mesh Black Fabric Seat
  • Seat and back angle adjust independently and lock into place with multifunction mechanism
  • Adjust the arm height and width for a better fit
  • Breathable mesh back and unique mesh fabric seat
  • Ergonomic back supports your back's natural curvature
  • Covered by Limited 5-Year Warranty

This chair has a modest and ordinary appearance. Don’t let the cover fool you as this chair is a powerhouse of a performer.

It is a performer and it can serve you long, provided you take care of it too. The Lorell brand spotlights and concentrates on making remarkable comfort furniture that are considered to be of high esteem.

This model has a lot of attributes that you usually want to get in any ergonomic chair.

The back comes with a natural curve that can support your posture quite comfortably. It has a swivel function that can spin full 360 degrees and you can even adjust its height. What more can you expect of a chair? Come one give it a go!

In case, you are still thinking about it, you can give this section a thorough read for more.

#1. Ergonomic Design

As mentioned, the back has a special feature that supports your back should be a criterion to consider it at least. This support helps your shoulders and spine to coordinate in a healthy manner.

Moreover, the chair has nylon casters that aid in smooth movement. Don’t worry, as they have soft wheels of rubber that does not scratch your floor. See, it may not look like a fancy piece, but the fact is, it is affordable and that matters a lot.

#2. Eco-friendly

The majority of their items are ensured by ANSI/BIFMA norms for ergonomics. They additionally incorporate a guarantee on their office seats.

They are also proud to show their support for green business models with a Green guard certification. This badge indicates that the company has met expectations for low emissions of volatile organic compounds in their products.

#3. Mesh Back

The back of the seat has work and structural efficiency that lets air to pass through with convenience. This suggests it keeps you ventilated all throughout the year. The high-thickness design will make you snug sitting in.

Mesh chairs like this one are new to the industry, but they often garner positive reviews from those that want something with more airflow. The reality is that thick leather chairs can be hot, especially during summer months.

#4. Customizable and Adjustable Arms

The cushioned arms of the seat are customizable in width and height. This enables you to alter the chair for extra comfort.

Undoubtedly, Lorell has taken into account all kinds of body types while engineering this chair. So, it is evident that no matter a person is thin or big, tall or short, this chair serves its purpose.

#5. Swivel and Tilt

This seat has a 360-degree swivel with both tilt lock and pressure systems. This tilt lock once engaged keeps the position of the seat steady. An abrupt movement on the chair does not affect the effectiveness of the chair at all. The user can sit in comfort and with ease while at office.

#6. Support and Comfort

The seat has a cushioning effect as it is made from high quality foam with double layer arrangements. The user finds it extremely comfortable to use and adjust it according to their need.

#7. Assembling

The full unit is very easy to assemble. You just need to follow the user guidelines or the user manual that comes along with the package. You can also have a look at the various videos for more. The full unit is lightweight and compact. Hence, it can be easily assembled by a single person.

In fact, this has to be one of the biggest things that go in support of this chair. In most cases, you will find it to be difficult to handle this part. However, Lorell is a smart company that has come up with really simple ways of assembling its chair. Of course, you can do it by a professional, but that will cost some extra bucks. Why go that way?

#8. Color Variations

You get a lot of option if you choose this chair. It is readily obtainable in black, blue and grey.

All the colors available are very soothing to the eyes. This implies a Lorell high back chair can fit into decor without any difficulties.


  • Seat and back alter autonomously and lock into spot with multi-function mechanism.
  • Alter and adjustment of the arm elevation and width for a superior fit.
  • Interesting cross section texture and fabric for sitting arrangement.
  • Ergonomic back support for your characteristic bend.
  • Secured by limited 5-Year Warranty.
  • Mesh back provides superior ventilation all throughout the year.
  • The design is durable with high longevity.


  • This chair is a better option for people of average height.

Final Words...

Our Lorell Executive High Back Chair Review reflects what an ideal chair should be like. There are other opinions, but this model stands out by itself.

This is the finest ergonomic office chair with a wide range of features that is available at a stellar price point. If you want something robust, durable and long-lasting, then look no further.

This is also very true if you’re rummaging around for a model that has more adaptable features, then this could be it. Despite minor grievances, this chair is still one of the few picks for your workplace that you can lay your hands on.

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